15 Surprising Ways To Use White Glue For Your Crafts


White glue isn’t only for adhesive! Check out these crazy fun ways you can craft with glue.  These crafts are so epic you’ll never look at a tube of Elmers the same way again.

If you’re looking for something else to make with all the white glue you’ve purchased during the massive slime craze, I’ve got you covered with these surprisingly fun and cute white glue crafts.

Learn how to make your own white glue at home and find some great ideas for glue crafts that are kid friendly. I’ve also added some beautiful glue art projects for older kids and adults too. Make sure you check out the white canvas! Let’s dig out that gallon of glue and get crafting.

Homemade Glue Crafts

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15 Surprising Ways To Use White Glue For Your Crafts

15 Surprising Ways To Use White Glue For Your Crafts

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Where Can I Buy A Gallon of Glue?

I think that you are going to love these glue crafts! Here’s a link {affiliate} to buy a gallon of white glue to get your started.

How to Make Slime

easy slime recipe

If the slime craze is still going strong at your house, you will definitely want to try out these 10 Homemade Slime Recipes.  The Magnetic slime is awesome and can double as a science experiment. {high five}

White Glue Recipe

15. White Glue Recipe

When the slime craze was in full-swing, it was often hard to find a gallon of glue (or any size!). Did you know that you can make your own homemade glue? Mommyof3xo shows exactly how to make white glue with a few simple glue ingredients, and she tests it out at the end.  Click here to get the homemade glue recipe –> Make Your Own PVA Glue

This PVA glue (also known as white glue) recipe can be used for glue crafts, school projects and of course making slime!

Homemade glue ingredients:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • water

How did we not know this?

If you love using glue to create, you’ll also want to check out these fun and clever hot glue gun ideas here. The no-sew sequin pillow is super fun!

Hot Glue Gun

Glue resist dyed shirt by Crafty Chica.@Kathy

14. White Glue Tie-Dye Technique

If you’ve outgrown slime, maybe it’s time to try glue art with tie-dye and make some gorgeous shirts! Wouldn’t this make a fun birthday party craft?  Click here for free tutorial –>  Glue Resist Tie-Dye Technique

All you need is glue, a T-shirt, freezer paper, an iron and a tie-dye kit. Kathy includes a detailed video tutorial to help make your glue art t-shirt a success.

Tip: Don’t forget a pair of plastic gloves when using dye!

White Glue Painted Totes@Kim

13. White Glue Painted Totes

Here is another glue art project similar to the shirt. Kim’s tutorial is perfect for white glue crafts to do with the kids. (When you can’t handle any more slime at your house!)  Click here for free tutorial –> Glue-Resist Painted Totes


  • a white tote bag
  • white glue
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush

Tote bags are an inexpensive craft item that your little one will love to customize. They are great for library trips, preschool and make a special grandparent gift!

White Glue Cinnamon Ornaments

12. White Glue Cinnamon Ornaments

These ornaments are easy for kids to make, smell heavenly, and just might become an annual tradition at your house.  Click here for the recipe –>  Easy 3-Ingredient Cinnamon Ornaments

Tracey’s instructions are easy and you only need three common ingredients:

  • applesauce
  • Elmer’s glue
  • cinnamon

This is one of my favorite homemade glue crafts because your house will smell like Christmas for days!

White Glue Yarn Bowls

11. White Glue Yarn Bowls

A fun and simple craft that can be customized for any holiday or occasion including Easter, Mother’s Day and May Day.  Click here for the free tutorial –> Glue Yarn Bowls DIY

Maggy created a great video tutorial showing you how to make white glue yarn bowls. The project is easy enough for kids to make. They will love picking colors and making their own designs. It’s also a cute way to use up the extra yarn you have stashed away.

Tip: These bowls work with best with good quality white glue (like Elmer’s glue).

White Glue Yarn Wall Art

10. White Glue Yarn Wall Art

Here is another white glue craft using yarn, Elmer’s glue, acrylic craft paint and cardboard or art canvases. Heidi shows you how to create chic wall art inspired by yarn swatches.  Click here for the free tutorial –> Yarn Swatch Wall Art

It can be hard to find a craft that teenagers enjoy and Heidi nails it with this tutorial! Is this something that your teenager would enjoy creating?

White Glue Art

9. Black Glue Art

Give your art a new dimension using black homemade glue made from white glue and black acrylic paint. Shauna’s tutorial is perfect for a rainy day art project or a fun way to spice up a learning/school project.  Click here for the free glue art tutorial –>  Black Glue Solar System Art

Pencil Art Ideas Pin Colored Title

If you’ve got some extra school supplies around, you might also like these 15 Fun DIY Pencil Art Ideas

Seahorse White Glue Craft

8. Seahorse Black Glue Craft

Another fun craft for the kids using black homemade glue and liquid watercolor paint. I love the bright colors on these seahorses! What animals would your kids want to design?  Click here for free black glue tutorial –> Seahorse Black Glue Craft

White Glue Geode

7. White Glue Geode

If you like sneaking in a little learning with your glue crafts, you will love this tutorial by Laura.  She has created a fun science experiment that produces gorgeous geodes.  Click here for free glue geode tutorial –> How To Grow A Geode In An Egg

You’ll need these supplies:
  • McCormick Alum
  • 3 eggs
  • White glue (like Elmer’s glue)
  • Paintbrush
  • 6 small glass jars
  • Food coloring
  • Newspaper
White Glue Sun Catcher

6. White Glue Sun Catcher

The kids will love this white glue craft and it makes colorful window decor. These sun catchers start off with a glue blob. You might remember making those in school. {giggles}  Click here for the free Sun Catcher tutorial –>  Sun Catcher Glue Blobs

Marina is an art teacher and makes this tutorial easy to follow with common household supplies.

White Glue Crackle Paint@Mandy

5. White Glue Crackle Paint

White glue crafts aren’t just for kids!  These cute crackle jars look detailed and vintage, but Mandy shows you how to make them in just a couple of simple steps.  Click here for free Crackle Paint tutorial –>  How To Crackle Paint Using Elmer’s Glue

All you need is:

  • a glass jar
  • a base paint color
  • a top paint color
  • foam brush
  • Elmer’s glue

Even a non-painter could pull off this beautiful glue art!

White Glue Crackled Votives@Anika

4. White Glue Crackled Votives

Let Anika show you how to take clear glass votives and customize them for any room in your house. She’s chosen three perfect colors for fall. What colors will you choose?  Click here for the free Crackled Votive tutorial –>  DIY Crackled Paint Votives

Use white glue and regular craft paint to give your votives a crackled look and a beautiful glow.

White Glue Frosted Mason Jar

3. White Glue Frosted Mason Jar

These frosted mason jars are gorgeous and the frosted votives give off a beautiful warm glow. This glue art is simple to make and add can add a special touch to a party or other festive event.  Click here for free tutorial with photos–>  Frosted Mason Jar Votives

All you need is:

  • white glue
  • a sponge
  • paint brushes
  • jars and/or votives

Did I mention these are washable? A little hot water removes all of the glue for reusable jar.

White Glue Canvas Art

2. White Glue Canvas Art

I think the white on white makes a stunning piece of art, and no one will know that you didn’t spend a bunch of money on this unique piece. {high fives}  Click here for the Glue Canvas tutorial –> DIY Canvas & Glue Art

Sam gives great instructions in this tutorial. She shows you how to take a little white glue and create a beautiful canvas. You can totally customize this for any room that needs a little artwork.


Bread White Glue Flower

1. Bread White Glue Flower

Does this beautiful flower even look like homemade glue art? Melissa shares a clever recipe to make “clay” using white glue, white bread, and a few more inexpensive pantry ingredients.  Click here for the free tutorial –> DIY Bread Clay Flower

This would be a great project for teenage girls. If they love creating flowers, check out these cool things you can create with coffee filters here. The coffee filter flower is adorable!

Coffee Filter Crafts Square

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What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what craft ideas and patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below. Are you still in the slime craze at your house or are you going to try a new glue project? I would love to hear which one sparked your interest! I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

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