17 Creative Painted Rock Ideas [diy]


You don’t have to be an artist to have fun painting rocks! It’s all the rage these days and is not only fun for children, but for adults too! Not only is it fun, but it’s therapeutic too. Plus, there’s an endless supply of them. {{wink}}

How to make painted rocks with these ideas which include lady bugs, cactus rocks, painted rock art, monster rocks, inspirational words, garden rocks, and so much more!

Painted Rocks

17 Creative Painted Rock Ideas [diy]

17. Painted Rock Cactus

Craftberry Bushby @craftberrybush

How fun are these potted rock cacti? They’re perfect for those of us who have brown thumbs. You won’t even need to worry about watering them. It’s my kind of plant! {{snicker}}

Get tutorial here: Painted Rock Cactus

16. Vintage Camper Painted Rocks

Atta Girl Saysby @attagirlsays

Learn how to paint an adorable vintage camper on rocks. It will make the perfect decoration in your potted plants of flower beds.

Get tutorial here: Vintage Camper Painted Rocks

15. Painted Rock Art

Typically Simple@typicallysimple

Turn rocks into art with this fun tutorial by Typically Simple. This easy DIY craft can be used to decorate your garden or your home.

Get tutorial here: Painted Rock Art

14. Ladybug Painted Rocks

Crafts by Amandaby @CraftsbyAmanda

Craft some super adorable ladybugs for your garden using craft paint, rocks, and a sealer. Tip: smooth rocks work best for this project.

Get tutorial here: Ladybug Painted Rocks

13. Rock Monster Craft

Free Kids Craftsby @Free.Kids.Crafts

Check out these awesome rock monsters! This post has a fun way to use all those random rocks they collect. Rocks and monsters what little boy wouldn’t have a blast with this craft project!?

Get tutorial here: Rock Monster Craft

12. Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Easy Peasy and Funby @easypeasyandfun

Cute and loveable hedgehogs made from river rocks and acrylic paint. Try adding some googly eyes for added character.

Get tutorial here: Hedgehog Painted Rocks


The next time you’re out on a nature walk with the kiddos start collecting rocks. They’ll have fun collecting big ones, small ones, round, oval, and even smooth ones. Anything goes! Here are some fun ideas for kids to paint on their rocks.

11. Minion Stones

Mum in the Madhouseby @muminthemadhouse

I am yet to meet a child that doesn’t love minions. Here’s a fun and easy idea to paint rocks.

Get tutorial here: Minion Stones

10. Troll Painted Rocks

The Keeper of the Cheeriosby @thekeeperofthecheerios

Bright paint colors, rhinestones and googly eyes really make these Troll’s stand out. Feathers or boas can be used for their hair.

Get tutorial here: Troll Painted Rocks

9. Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids

Buggy and Buddyby @buggyandbuddy

Turn rocks into adorable photo holders using paint, wire and beads. An easy project you can do with the kids. Add a photo and it makes a great gift idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Get tutorial here: Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids

8. Puffy Paint Rocks

Learn how to paint rocks with puffy paint. Use a stencil for a more precise pattern. So easy and so fun! 

7. How to Make Galaxy Painted Rocks

Color made Happyby @colormadehappy

Inspired by the night sky, this galaxy painted rock is really easy to make using rocks, acrylic paint, sponges, and toothpicks!

Get tutorial here: How to Make Galaxy Painted Rocks


Mandala’s are not only fun, but they’re a great way to de-stress and relax. The intricate geometrical patterns are time consuming, but well worth the effort.

6. Mandala Stones DIY

Colorful Craftsby @ColorfulCraftsDIY

Colorful dots are painted on rocks to make beautiful mandala patterns from Colorful Crafts. A fine tip brush works best for this technique.

Get tutorial here: Mandala Stones DIY


We all need a little encouragement and inspiration. These word rocks are a fun project to inspire kindness. Decorate your home with them or give them as gifts. Either way, they’re always a great reminder!

5. How to Make Word Rocks

Dabbles & Babblesby @Dabbles-and-Babbles

Inspired by random acts of kindness, Dabbles & Babbles created these word rocks to inspire, encourage and brighten someone else’s day. After they were painted they were hidden a long a trail for others to find. How cool is that?!

Get tutorial here: How to Make Word Rocks

4. Painting Rocks with Markers

Club Chica Circleby @ChicaCircle

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait on paint to dry using markers is a great alternative. Sharpie markers work great for this project.

Get tutorial here: Painting Rocks with Markers

3. Kindness Rocks with Kids

Crafts Unleashedby @ConsumerCrafts

Inspired by the Kindness Rocks Project, rocks are decorated with inspirational messages and left in public places for other people to find.

Get tutorial here: Kindness Rocks with Kids

For the Garden

Since there always seems to be an endless supply of rocks why not make garden markers out of them? You can paint the rocks to resemble the vegetable growing or you can simply add the names to them. Here are some fun ideas!

2. DIY River Rock Garden Markers

West Valley Momsby @westvalleymoms

Make a personalized set of markers for the garden by painting rocks. When the gardener is ready to use them, they can place them next to the vegetable that was planted.

Get tutorial here: DIY River Rock Garden Markers

1. DIY Garden Marker Stones

Adventure in a Boxby @adventureinabox

These garden markers are super easy to make, and will make locating what you planted a simple and fun task! Not only is this a functional DIY but they also look great! All you’ll need is to gather rocks and paint.

Get tutorial here: DIY Garden Marker Stones

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Painted Rocks

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