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Print Free File: House of 5 printable art or House of 6 printable art

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I love to make the decor of my home meaningful…and I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head for a while.  We have “5” family members and I thought it would be cool to create an art piece with the number five.  Guess what…you can do this too!  I’ve even created the piece with different numbers that you can download as well.


1. Download and save the file to your computer.   (hint: if you need another number you can join MY email list to pick up 2, 3, 4 and 7)

2. Open the file you wish to print and print onto art quality paper or cardstock.  I used this Printasia fine art matte paper

3. Gather your crafting supplies…you’ll need dry adhesive (like a tape runner), an 8 x 10 photo frame, crochet trim (optional).

4. If you like you can add some texture by creating a mat with crocheted lace or just add a purchased photo mat to make this look really nice and professional.  I simply glued crochet trim around the printed page and mitered the corners.

5. Place the art in your frame, hang and enjoy!

About the Executive Homemaker:

Meet Janna Wilson , country girl, graphic artist, mama to three crazy-cute kiddos, wife to Scott, stitcher, jewelry maker, dreamer, wannabe painter, Sunday school teacher, and lover of ALL THINGS crafty!

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  1. So cute thank you. 🙂 I’m going to use the house of 5, this is really an awesome idea. Love the music paper on the background too!

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