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When it comes to planning a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Court of Honor, there are lots of little details that need addressing! I just planned my sons and since I’m a list maker, I decided to make a binder so that my t’s were crossed and i’s dotted! Since I love to share, I’m offering the BSA Eagle Court of Honor Binder to you for FREE! Scroll down to download the printable files. I hope this binder is as helpful to you as it was for me! I also put together my BSA Court of Honor Decorating ideas. You can find them here.

Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts Eagle Court of Honor Binder

EHprint Free Printable Files:
BSA Eagle Scout Court of Honor Binder ~ Blank (4543 downloads) ,

BSA Eagle Scout Court of Honor Binder ~ Example (2799 downloads) ,
Boy Scouts On My Honor Banner ~ pdf (4444 downloads) ,

I like to have dedicated folders for big projects like a BSA Court of Honor. So, I ordered this binder from Amazon. I love it because it’s sturdy, the page protectors fit, and it has an awesome square-ish window in the front.  {adore}

I’m all about easy so I ordered the BSA Court of Honor invitation from this Etsy shop.  You can always design your own, but I love finding invitations that are already made and look fab, you know?

BSA Eagle Scout Book

I used the background from her invitation to make Davis his Eagle Binder which has his BSA Scouting journey.  I included:

  • Cover
  • Binding Title
  • Picture of Davis in his Scout Uniform
  • Merit Badges Completed
  • About his Eagle Project
  • Letters from Family
  • 10 Years in Scouting
    • 1st Day as a Scout
    • Raingutter Regatta
    • Pinewood Derby
    • 1st Mother’s Pin Award
    • Arrow of Light
    • Camping
    • Summer Camp
    • High Adventure

I also added some Boy Scouts of America Mottos I ordered:

I also included the Court of Honor Invitation, and official documents from the Boy Scouts of America.

Eagles Nest

For the “10 Years in Scouting ” section I added 8×10 prints of the events so when I printed off the titles for each page they showed up at the top.  {see above image}  This way we will know for years what made that picture important.

Davis Turk Eagle Scout

Davis in his Scout Uniform

I put a towel on the fence in my backyard and draped a flag over it and took a picture.  I made sure Davis was in full shade but looking towards the sun to get the ‘catch-light’ in his eyes.  I did Davis’ picture later in the day when the sun was completely gone… which made the lighting wonky and orange.  I’m such a noob when it comes to Adobe Lightroom and so I couldn’t get the coloring right.

Dylan Turk Eagle Scout

However, Dylan’s light was better so his image was so much easier to edit.  {giggle}  That’s how things go with these two… one is always easier.

Davis and Dylan Eagle Scouts on Tip Junkie

Dylan will get his Eagle in a couple months so I killed two birds so to speak and did his at the same time.  Yep, same uniform.  Shhhh… it’s our secret. {bwaahaa!}  The take away here is lighting!

Davis is an Eagle Scout

I can’t believe we did it!! 6 years, 3 cities, merit badges, Scout camps, High Adventures, an Eagle Project… and we’re here. {{happy dance!}}

Free BSA Eagle Scout Binder

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More Scouting Ideas

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