Laundry Tips for Soccer Moms {Youth Sports}

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A while back I had the opportunity to attend Fabric Care University and I learned so much about laundry that it has completely changed the way I do my laundry at home to get out clothes stains.

I’ve already shared with you my tips on Clothes Stain ~ How to get Whites the Whites and today I’m focusing on laundry tips for soccer moms or kids in youth sports.

When I first saw the Tide Sport, I thought this was a total gimmick to try and make more money with a marketing effort.  {{yes I’m a bit jaded}} However, you would not believe the science that goes into Tide.  It’s seriously impressive.

Youth Sports Laundry

Due to the changes in fabric each season, the folks over at Tide are constantly evolving as we evolve.  For instance, the coolest thing I learned at Fabric Care University was about Tide Sport.  You know the Under Armor that takes away your sweat when you work out?  Well that fabric is specifically designed to trap the sweat inside it.

The problem is that your washing machine doesn’t get the trapped sweat out of the Under Armor!  No ma’am.  That is why certain types of clothing stink even after they are washed.  It’s because all of that grodie sweat didn’t get out.   {{yuck!}}  Tide Sport has a special enzyme that opens up the fabric particles that trapped the sweat – then another enzyme that grabs the sweat and traps it so that it is drained into the water in your machine.  {{impressive}}

The solution: I’ve started washing workout clothes, boys sports clothing, and under armor in Tide Sport to get the sweat out and smell great.  I bought the Tide Sport myself and was not paid for this post.  I genuinely feel like everyone with kids in youth sports should know what a great product this is.

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Laundry Tips for Soccer Moms

If you have multiple kids in soccer or youth sports, like I do, then you’re doing a lot of laundry and are always on the go!  {{I feel ya}}  I’ve come up with an easy way to keep track of all the sports equipment and to make it faster to get out the car and onto the field:  Have a Sports Center.

My sports center is on the back of the laundry room door which is also a “mud room” as it connects to the garage.  Therefore after every practice, the kids put their shoes, cleats, shin guards, ball, and water bottle inside their backpack and I hang it up.

When I take out their laundry out of the dryer I simply put their uniform, socks, and practice outfit into their backpack that’s right there.  This way we are always ready to go!  My kiddo doesn’t have to run upstairs several times to get dressed, he does it right there in the laundry room.  {{giggle}

This may not work for all families, but in my home it has really taken away the stress and hassle out of all the activities that they do every.

How do you manage all your sports laundry needs?

I learned so much from Fabric Care University. Huge thanks to Tim Gunn, Tide at Proctor and Gamble, and DeVries PR for that amazing experience.

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  1. I do something similar to the backpack station as well, but can’t put 4 backpacks on the door. I use a hanging clothes organizer next to the dryer and rotate what goes into the shelves based on the kids’ sports season. We have used it for dance clothes, swimsuits, baseball cleats & socks, flipflops, etc.. It has been a very effect use of space for 4 kids and then they don’t have to run upstairs to get ready. Thanks for all the ideas and I will be buying some Tide Sport this weekend.

  2. Man, I wish I could use Tide! I’ve always loved how good it is at getting stains out, but my hubby and daughter break out in a rash if I use it. My son and I are fine, and I LOVE the smell. Bummer.

  3. Love it! I need to pick some of that up- just for my kids clothes, and they arent even in sports yet!

    heres my laundry conundrum- I have some hand-me-downs I got recently for my boys and they smell mildewy. I have washed them several times in hot water and even with vinegar, but they still smell. Any ideas for getting the smell out? (I know its because the household I got them from doesnt make sure to dry their clothes all the way so then they get folded and sit and never dry out totally.) thanks!

  4. You are so organized and classy! My son’s football gear all goes into a pile on the couch and he gets to get dressed wherever he wants. I was wondering about how to get smells out of clothes. I have tried vinegar and EVERYTHING. I am definitely going to go try this now! Thank you for your honesty!

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