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Hey Ladies! It’s time to feature more Tip Junkie readers who have submitted their blog posts as tips. Today we’re featuring all kinds of recipes and things to do in and for the kitchen.

Jennifer submitted her Brown Sugar Scrub; super simple recipe for soft and smooth, amazing skin.

Rindy submitted her perfect pancake portioning tool. Those Chinese noodle spoons make the perfect portioning tool for little dipper pancakes!

Carrie submitted Frozen Cookie Dough Balls. Make cookie dough, scoop it into balls, freeze & bake!

The American Homemaker submitted her Random Soup. I freeze my little bits of leftover foods to be later used in a quick and easy crockpot soup 🙂

Dianna made my day by sending over this spice cupcake mix. It’s a yummy spice cupcake mix with gingerbread frosting. {{i heart cupcakes!}}

Mordecai submitted Vintage Cookies: Coco-Mints. Making vintage cookies from my grandma’s old cookbook.

Jackie submitted this fun tip Making Good Food Fun Too. Add corn on the cob handles to apples or other good foods … just for fun!

Jewel submitted her Storing Leftover tips; no fuss way of storing leftovers.

Kimm came up wit a fun idea to recycle glass food containers, store your food storage, and make your pantry super cute.

Laryssa submitted her Recycled Coupon Holder; use a business envelope to hold and organize coupons.

Jen has hooked us up with a free menu planner to download.

Jessica submitted her tip on how to make your own magazine cookbook; pull them out of the magazine and organize in a binder.

I do this at home as well. I’ve also made a ‘holiday food’ binder with my favorite recipes to make during the holidays. I’m all about one-stop-shop!

Gloria submitted her post on the IC Diet. It’s a cook book that give tips to persons with Interstitial Cystitis a bladder syndrome that affect millions of Americans. More prevalent in woman.

I’m unfamiliar with this syndrome, but i
f could help anyone out there, I’d be happy to help spread the word.

Thanks Ladies! If you don’t already have an “I was Featured” button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog. These are amazing!


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  1. I love cooking, so I always appreciate good kitchen tips. Thanks for sharing these, can’t wait to check them out!

  2. great ideas. i especially like the jazzed up jars!
    i just posted about the stuff i won from the Daisy Craft giveaway!
    thanks again!

  3. Thanks for posting my cookies. And the other great ideas . . . off to check them out now.

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