Teach Me Thursday – Get Organized

It’s that time again, time to learn something new. Here are several tutorials and ideas on how to organize your home. I hope they inspire you!

Katie made this mini password book using her scraps to organize and keep track of your passwords.

Bella submitted her charging station. Conceal those cords. Make a phone, photo, etc charging station in a drawer of a table.

Here is Katie’s Bathroom Space Saver; adding small buckets to hooks under the medicine cabinet.

Rita submitted her DIY Grocery Bag Organizer. How to create a pretty plastic grocery bag organizer by reusing a wipe container and scrapbook paper.

Rindy submitted her hanging ribbon organizer. This is a great way to get those ribbons out of a box and into plain sight.

Make your own mail sorter, a tutorial by The Masked Mommy. A step by step how to make your own mail sorter using supplies found around everyone’s home.

Selissa submitted her yarn organizer. A tutorial on how to make this yarn organizer that is portable and will keep kids from destroying the yarn and the project attached to it.

Jenna made book cover postcards, Turn old book covers into very intriguing postcards.

Here’s a covered notebook tutorial by Simply B. It’s a fun way to cover those hard bound notebooks with fabric.

Here is Laura’s Operation Fishbowl; a fun way to get the family involved in completing those household projects.

a clean house

Sarah submitted her tip on how she keeps her house clean with 5 children, an easy and simple routine.

Tanna made her own drawer organizer for her drawer that is very shallow.

Martha hooked us up with a short tutorial on how to make this easy note holder.

Thanks Ladies for sharing your fun projects all while helping us organize our homes. These are great!


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  1. What wonderful ideas! I can’t wait to try a few of the others I’ve seen here today. Thanks for featuring my bathroom solution!

  2. Thanks for putting together all the great ideas!
    Is there a link missing for “Sarah”? I NEED her easy and simple tips to organize a large family.
    Have a great day!

  3. I love the bathroom solution with the buckets and look forward to trying it out in my bathrooms.

    Also, is there a link for Sarah organizing with 5 people. I could really use that.

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