8 Best Summer Beauty Hacks


The summer is typically the best time to relax in the sun with family and friends and take advantage of warm weather and long, light days. Unfortunately, those long days out in the elements can sometimes wreak havoc on our beauty regime.  I’ve already given you the top 10 summer makeup hacks and how it’s time for quick tips for hair, nails, and skin.

8 Best Summer Beauty Hacks

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We are always looking for easy, effective ways to get the job done, so these 8 Best Summer Beauty Hacks are perfect for beautifying in the summer quickly, easily and without hassle.

1 . Use Baking Soda to Lighten Your Hair

Baking Soda

If you want to naturally lighten your hair without going to the salon, look no further than your kitchen! Just make a paste with baking soda and water, and work it into your hair while you are in the shower. Then, wash your hair like you normally would. It’ll lighten your locks and naturally strip hair product build-up at the same time. Bonus!

2. Spritz Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Hair to Protect Your Color

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works wonders for protecting your hair color from the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. Just add apple cider vinegar to a squirt bottle, spritz your hair after a fun day in the sun, allow to set for about 15 minutes and then wash out. Easy.

3. Use Conditioner to Prevent Hair Turning Green

leave in conditioner

If you are a big swimmer during the summer and have blonde hair, chances are you might battle with greenish tinted hair from the chlorine. Before you jump in the pool, apply leave-in conditioner to your hair. When you are done swimming, be sure to rinse your hair with clean water!

4. Use Dry Shampoo at Night to Absorb Oil

dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is our friend year round, but we recommend using it at night during the summer. Apply your favorite dry shampoo at night so that it has much more time to do its job, absorbing oils and giving your hair added volume!

5. Prevent Blisters with Deodorant


It’s definitely sandal time, which means time to take care of your feet! (smiling) The easiest way to prevent blisters that appear as a result of chafing from sweat due to that summer heat is to use deodorant on your feet. Just apply the deodorant to your ankles and toes and your feet will thank you.

6. Use Dryer Sheets for Static in Your Hair

Dryer Sheets

If you live in one of the areas of the world that gets extra dry during the summer, then you are going to love this static removing hack! Keep dryer sheets on hand for static in your hair. Just rub the dryer sheet over your hair if it gets static friction and it’ll immediately calm the static down.

7. Use Baby Powder to Prevent Razor Burn

Johnson's Baby Powder

Dust baby powder over your legs and bikini line after shaving to prevent razor burn. It feels soothing and works wonders.

8. Store Your Nail Polish in the Fridge

Nail Polish

The summer heat can cause your nail polish to get weird bubbles and go bad prematurely. Store your nail polish in the refrigerator for a longer life and better and smoother application!

What are your best summer beauty hacks?

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