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The Oscars are today and I can’t wait to see what all the celebs are wearing and who will win the golden trophy. Usually, I host my own Oscar party where we each fill in our ballots while watching the red carpet. It makes the night more fun and exciting. The winner usually gets a yummy prize.

So, to celebrate here are the winners of our own fun contest, The Tip Junkie Awards. They are the best tips for 2008 voted by you.

Best Tutorial

The award goes to: Kori’s hair blog will lots of pictures of darling little girls hair.

As the winner, she will receive: A hand painted 6×24 wood sign from Doodle Design Shop. Ribbon is attached for hanging and is heat sealed to prevent fraying. Sign $28.95 (and $8 shipping) value. Wording can be changed to taste.

Best Submitted Tip

The award goes to: Jackie for her Photo Scavenger Hunt List.

As the winner, she will receive: A blog make over from Sherbet Blossom Designs, a $45 value!

Best Craft

The award goes to: Dawn for her creative initial plaques.

As the winner, she will receive: 4 single silhouette prints (either 5×7 or 8×10) from Simply Silhouettes! {{fabulous!}}

Best Birthday Idea

The award goes to: Melissa for her Sweet Shoppe Birthday party.

As the winner, she will receive: A painting worth up to $50 from Initial Designs. Above are a couple examples. 😉

Best Entertaining Tip

The award goes to: Kristin for her baby dress invitations.

As the winner, she will receive: A copper and sterling silver bangle by Jewel Street Designs created completely from metal tubing, a $30 value.

Inspired by all things bubbly, this piece has been sanded then polished. Measures .50″(1.25cm)at its widest point. It will be made in the winner’s size so no worries on it not fitting.

Best Organizational Tip

The award goes to: Laura for her PROCESS Step for cleaning your child’s room.

As the winner, she will receive: Any 2 pendants from Julee’s Store, a $35 value. {{I totally want one!}}

Best Gift idea

The award goes to: Tricia for her money book!

As the winner, she will receive: A beautiful necklace from It’s All About the Jewels made of different sized & shaped swarovski crystals & sterling silver chain.Measures approx. 22″This necklace has incredible shine and is perfect for dressy or everyday wear, a $45 value. {[giddy}}

Best Home Decor

The award goes to: Kim for her spray painted plates.

As the winner, she will receive: A 8 x 24 Family Name Plaque from Cherished Impressions that can be customized according to your color and style, a $40 value.

Huge thanks to all our sponsors, all who voted, and for these amazing Ladies tips who’ve made Tip Junkie a one-stop-shop for amazing tips and ideas.


I’ll be hosting several giveaways from my sponsors next week. If you’d like to learn more on how to become a sponsor, contact me under ‘advertise’.


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  1. Laurie I’m so excited, thank you so much!! I just made myself an inexpensive jewelry organizer (see blog post last week) and now I’ve got a spot perfect for my new necklace 🙂

    What do I have to do?
    Thanks again girl, you are awesome!!

  2. Ahh. Now that I look back, I see that Anonymous is also referring to the 2008 Top Tips for Junkie’s.

    That is called a “sneeze file” and it is for marketing purposes. It’s unfortunate that the Tip Junkie Awards and the 2008 Top Tips for Junkie’s fell on the same week.

    I had meant to feature the 2008 Top Tips for Junkies in January, but I had my survery instead.

    Now that I’m feeling a bit more myself, it’s catch up time.

    I’m sure loyal Tip Junkie’s will overlook this faux pas and just enjoy the fun ideas. 😉

  3. I’ve completed over 700 posts and linked to over 1000 people’s blogs directly.

    However, The Tip Junkie Awards featured the best tips featured on TIP JUNKIE. I thought I’ve made that pretty clear over the past month.

    You must be a new reader.

  4. That was rude. Netiquette, would be to not post anonymously if you have something to add.
    I think your site is wonderful! Tip Junkie is my favorite blog to visit keep up the good work!

  5. You know what would be neat? If you actually linked to these people’s blogs instead of linking back to yourself 45978964156 times. Learn some netiquette.

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