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It’s Bath and Body week here on Tip Junkie and I’ve got an incredibly talented Expert and Mom-preneur to help us learn something new and win free prizes.  {squeal in delight}  I hope you’ll give a proper Tip Junkie welcome to Stephanie and Brenda who will be giving of her time and talent by leaving her a kind comment below and clicking on her links. {high fives!}

Bath and Body Week on Tip Junkie

Bath and Body Week

If you would like to learn how to make homemade soap and you want a fabulous free bag set ~ then this is your lucky week! {snicker}

How to Make Homemade Honeycomb Soap Bars Recipe

Bath and Body Expert: Stephanie From Garden Therapy

Stephanie Rose is the creator of Garden Therapy, a place to find creative garden ideas as well as recipes for natural skincare, soaps, cleaning, and more. Stephanie used gardening as a way to heal from a severe illness and it changed her life. She now shares creative DIY projects, tutorials, and recipes on Garden Therapy to show all the wonders that the garden can provide.

Click the links below to learn more from Stephanie:

Project of the Week:  Homemade Honeycomb Soap Made Easy!

$120 Giveaway by Soft Line Design on Tip Junkie

Monday Giveaway: $120 Bag Gift Set, a $120 value

The winner will receive a $120 Bag Gift Set which includes a Neon Waves beach bag and towel set, gift soap pack #2, ornament, and orange hand towel, a $120 value from Soft Line Design.

How to Enter to Win:  Click here for Brenda’s Giveaway and leave a comment with your favorite pattern.  {yep, it’s that easy}  Ends Sunday.

  1. First winner will be picked from the comments below via random number generator.
  2. Second winner from Facebook will be picked via Rafflecopter widget.

Bath and Body Mom-prneuer:  Brenda Bergman

Shop:  Soft Line Design
Follow:  Soft Line on Instagram
Testimonial:  How one of our customers uses our product in creative ways! {click link}

My mom and I recently began our business a year ago in order to promote the beautiful textiles and handmade products that have been used for centuries and are made in Turkey. An east meets west story in its own right! After 18 years of living in this land I am able to meet with the producers and choose the best quality product for reasonable prices. Our towels, soaps and ornaments are then shipped to my mom who lives in Florida and is now known as the “towel lady” at the local night market held in the town square.

What’s In It For You?

Turkish towels are great for the pool, beach, travel, bath, decoration, table cloth, or shawl. They dry quickly, very absorbent, and are easy to pack!
Our hand-made soaps are made from an olive-oil base, with various natural ingredients added. They are made by hand in Istanbul, using methods used for generations. Each of the different varieties have different benefits and characteristics depending on the composition.

Exclusive Discount:  Not the winner? Don’t worry!  Tip Junkie customers get free shipping when buying over $50.00.

What You Should Know:

Crochet Week on Tip Junkie

Next week Oct 16 – 22nd is Crochet week on the TJ Community!

I hope you’ll stop by the TJ Community and be apart of this fabulous bunch of creative women and learn all you can from them.  Trade products and project ideas, share your tips, and make friends.  We are going to have a great time next week too!

If you’re interested in being featured as an Expert of the Week sign up here. {click link}  No blogging experience needed.  Also, if you have some fun photography editing advice or good ideas be sure to add yours to your online craft room so we can all learn from you.


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