8 Trunk or Treat Ideas featuring FACE Themes

Every year my church hosts a trunk or treat and I love seeing all the Halloween car decorations.  It is typically a night to decorate your car for Halloween and go trick or treating from car to car instead of door to door.  The kids love it and it’s a fun way to see all our friends in one place.  

If you’re attending a trunk and treat this year I’ve hooked you up with some over-the-top car & trunk decorations complete with Halloween pictures for you to be inspired from. 

Face Trunk or Treat Ideas

Halloween Trunk or Treat Ideas

1.  Creepy Face ~ Poster board, recycled boxes and a red sharpie pen are used to decorate this creepy face.

2.  Scary Scarecrow ~ What a creative idea to use balloons for hair.

3.  Vampire Teeth Trunk ~ I want to suck your blood {bwahhh}!  Decorate your trunk with vampire teeth complete with blood droplets.

4.  Trunk or Treat DIY Mummy ~ Everyday essentials are used to mummify your trunk using toilet paper. 

Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Decorate Your Car for Halloween

5.  Cookie Monster Car Face ~ This Cookie Monster themed car face is fun for all ages!  You won’t have to worry about scaring little one’s.  {wink}

6.  DIY Muppet’s Trunk or Treat ~ Follow this step by step tutorial to disguise your car with a Muppet’s face.

7.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles {TMNT}  ~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fun trunk or treat theme this year, especially with the release of the movie.  It’s a simple decoration using solid colored fabric pieces and a kraft paper sign.

Mouth Car

Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas

8.  Mouth Trunk ~ Open wide, this mouth trunk is complete with tongue and teeth and full of candy.



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