I have several amazing Easter traditions for children that you can incorporate in your own home!

Easter Traditions for Children

You could make these cute hats with your kiddos and then add whiskers to turn them into cute bunnies. Dena made this Easter Egg Garland out of plastic eggs. The whole thing cost her less than $8 and 20 mins. Dena strung the eggs together with quilting thread (it’s more durable) and faked tying it to the posts with pretty ribbon. The true support is tape. Beth shared her Easter Tradition - The Easter Bunny continues to make surprise visits to our house all throughout the day. On these visits, he hides little chocolate foil covered eggs all around the house. About 5 times throughout the day, while the kids are preoccupied, my husband will hide a batch of eggs. Then we will point to one of the eggs and say, "Look! The Easter Bunny has been back! How did we miss him?" And the kids will look for the bunny and search for the eggs. Marie plays this game with her kids that helps teach the Meaning of Easter. (I do this every year with my kids too.) Heidi shared the recipe for this amazingly cool looking Easter Bread. If it's as yummy as it looks - you're in for a treat! Leigh made these adorable Easter Party Hats that she filled with candy. Make your own Paper Plate Easter Basket Bunny Easter Basket Craft This is a little random, but I found Innovative Ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt, if you're interested. Suggestions are: Bunny parade, hop 'n hunt, Hunt with a check list, obstacle hunt... you get the idea. Danielle made her son's Easter basket this year.