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14 Printable Baby Shower Games That Are Fun To Play!

Delightful printable baby shower games to entertain your guests while you host a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby boy or girl.  Your guests will have so much fun playing these free printable baby games and they are easy to make!  Simply print out the game and follow the instructions on how to make and play each one.  Enjoy!

Printable Baby Shower Games

1.  What’s in Your Purse? ~ This game is unisex, so it can be used for either a boy or a girl shower.  Guests go through their purses and get points for certain items on the list.  Who ever has the most points wins!

2.  Alternate Book Title Baby Shower Game ~ This free printable baby shower game has alternative names to popular children’s books.  Print them out and let your shower guest figure out the real name of the the story.

3.  Baby Shower Games {free printables} ~ Two free printable games, “Name that Baby” and “Guess How Many”.  Hang baby pictures of everyone at the shower and let them guess who the baby is for “Name that Baby”.   Fill glass jars to the top with baby supplies and let guests “Guess How Many”.

4.  Price is Right Baby Shower Game ~ This fun baby shower game will give your party a taste of the hit television show, “The Price is Right”!  Your guests will have fun guessing the price of baby items.

Celebrity Baby Game

5.  Celebrity Baby Name Game ~ Match the baby to the celebrity couple.  Perfect for a couples shower and it’s gender neutral.

6.  Catchphrase: Celebrity Mom Edition ~ This game is a mix between Catchphrase and Taboo.  Two teams are given 5 cards with the names of famous/celebrity moms.  One person on the team will be trying to describe the name on the card without saying the names while the other person has one minute to try to guess as many of the 5 cards as they can.

Baby Animal Name Game

7.  Baby Animals ~ Each guest gets their own paper and has to see how many of the actual baby names of the different animals they know.

Baby Shower Memory Game

8.  Baby Shower Memory Game ~ Here’s a fun game with a yummy reward. When a match is made, the person gets the corresponding candy.

Baby Shower Word Search

9.  Baby Shower Word Search ~ How many baby related words can you find?  Download the template, print out one game sheet for each baby shower guest then have them find as many words as they can.  Available in pink, blue or neutral.

Baby Shower Scramble

10.  Baby Word Scramble ~ These free printable baby shower games will save you time and money.  Three games are included, Baby Word Scramble, Baby Trivia, and Memories of Mom.

Couples Shower Games

11.  Candy Bar Shower Game ~ Match the Pregnancy Word to the Candy Bar.  Available in pink, yellow, green, red and blue.

12.  Baby Bingo ~ This baby shower baby bingo is designed in both a boy and a girl version.  Both sets include instructions and seven different bingo cards.  Buttons make perfect box markers.

Free Printable Baby Games

13.  Nursery Rhyme Game ~ Test your guests nursery rhyme skills.  Give each guest 5 minutes to complete and see who knows the most.

14.  Baby Shower Word Game ~ This owl-themed baby shower not only includes a shower word game, but also baby advice cards and a framable art.  Have guests make as many baby-related words as possible from the quote on the card.  The person with the most words in 5 minutes wins.

More Baby Shower Ideas

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