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10 Clever Things to Make with Chopsticks


You’ll be surprised by what you can make with chopsticks! They’re no longer only used as a utensil for eating asian food. Save those takeout chopsticks because I guarantee you are going to want to make some of these crafts. {{knuckle bumps}}

These chopstick crafts include an earring holder, necklace, garden markers, painted chopsticks, lampshade, basket, and so much more.

Things to Make with Chopsticks

10 Clever Things to Make with Chopsticks

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

10.  DIY Necklace with Chopsticks.

Create a unique necklace on a budget. Use decorative chopsticks to make a statement. You’ll need paint, chopsticks, string, and a drill.

Get the instructions: DIY Necklace with Chopsticks

9. Chopsticks into Earring Stand Upcycle.

Hapiness Wherever@Hapiness-Wherever

We women like our babbles, this is a great way to display them when they aren’’t in our ears! Using chopsticks and twine you can create a fun way to organize your earrings! Don’’t you love it when being stylish and being organized are one in the same!?!

Get the instructions: Chopsticks into Earring Stand Upcycle

8. DIY Painted Chopsticks.

Idle Hands Awake@idlehandsawake

Take your regular wooden chopsticks from drab to fab with a few simple steps. Check out the full tutorial to learn how to make these festive painted chopsticks. They will add pretty color to your table and won’’t cost you any extra dough.

Get the instructions: DIY Painted Chopsticks

Repurpose Chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks can be repurposed to make cool home decor and party decor.

7.  DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden.

All Put Together@AllPutTogether

Create markers for your garden by inserting a wine cork onto a colored chopstick and placing it inside the pot or bed. Use a sharpie to write directly on the cork.

Get the instructions: DIY Plant Markers for Your Garden

6. Chopstick Lampshade Tutorial.

How joyful@howjoyful

This post features a chic lampshade DIY project! All you need is some twine and chopsticks! Easy to do with the help of this great tutorial! Perfect for almost any room in your home.

Get the instructions: Chopstick Lampshade Tutorial

5. How to Make a Chopsticks Basket.

I Save A to Z@isavea2z

Turn chopsticks into a beautiful, handy basket! This easy tutorial will show you how to string together chopsticks in just a few minutes to make a handy basket.

Get the instructions: How to Make a Chopsticks Basket

4. Chopstick Twists Party Decor.

One Charming Party@onecharmingparty

Made for less than $5 each, these adorable chopstick twists make a festive party decoration. Paint the wooden chopsticks in any color scheme and they’d work for any themed party.

Get the instructions: Chopstick Twists Party Decor

3. Rainbow Party Wand.


These fun ribbon wands make a great party favor for a child’s party.  Pick several different ribbon spools in shades of one color.  Mix them up with different textures such as grosgrain, satin, and ric rac.

Get the instructions: Rainbow Party Wand.

Kids with Chopsticks

Kids can have fun with chopsticks creating their own toys.

2. DIY Harry Potter Wands.

Sisters, What!@sisterswhat

Every wizard needs their magic wand. Learn how to make Ollivander’s apprentice wands using chop sticks, hot glue and craft paint.

Get the instructions: DIY Harry Potter Wands

1. Miniature Relaxing Hut.

Learn how to make a relaxing miniature hut from popsicle sticks and wooden chopsticks. So fun!

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