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Celebrating the excitement of The Olympics with your family and friends just became a breeze!  Here are 13 Olympic Games printable party decorations you can print out for FREE.  These free printables include signs for your Olympics opening ceremony, Olympic games, a winners podium, cookie gold medals, and party food decorations. These are “free files for Tip Junkie members”.  Once you login to Tip Junkie, you’ll be able to instantly download the files and “favorite” any post on the site which saves it to your craft room so you can find it later.  {{wink}}

Tip Junkie has Olympic games, parties, and printables with pictured instructions and tutorials on how to make!  So be sure to search there if you’re looking for more creative ideas.

13 Olympic PrintablesEHprint   Free Printable Files:  Scroll Down!

The Olympics ~ Free Printables!

This FREEBIE includes 13 Olympic Games Printable Party Decorations that are free printable party decor in red, white, and blue, green, and yellow that’s perfect for The Olympics, a Sports Party, Summer party, or any theme. 

Feel feel free to use the primary colored designs individually to embellish any party theme! This free printable from tipjunkie.com includes these 13 designs:

1.   Big “Welcome” Banner
2.   Small “Welcome Olympic Athletes” Banner
3.   ABC Party Banner ~ customize wording
4.   Large Banner
5.   Welcome Athletes Sign
6.   Winner Podium Signs
7.   Seven Olympic Games Signs
8.   Olympic Logos
9.   Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal
10.  Water Bottle Labels
11.  Cupcake Toppers
12.  Mini Food Straw Flags
13.  Blank Tented Cards

Scroll down to download the free printable pdf files that you want.  Since they are print quality, the files are too big to put them all into one file for ya.  Sorry, I tried. {wink}  There are so many fun Olympic games and events that you can do as a family or with friends.  Go For The Gold!  {snicker}  Simply print out the contents of these files and let me take away the stress of decorating for your party!  {wink}

Big WELCOME Triangle Banner TipJunkieEHprint Free Printable File:
Big WELCOME Olympic Triangle Banner (7739 downloads)

Large Welcome Olympic Athletes Banner

Give your Olympic Athletes a proper welcome in the opening ceremony with either a large welcome banner {above} or a smaller version {below}.  The best part about this “Welcome” banner is that it also comes blank!  Yep, so you can use it or re-use it for really any occasion, party, or holiday. How to Make:  For the best results, click the link above to print these Olympic printables onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do. {wink} Next, cut out the pieces and assemble together by taping {or gluing} onto a string or ribbon.

Welcome Olympic Athletes Banner by Tip JunkieEHprint Free Printable File:
Welcome Olympic Athletes Triangle Banner (3908 downloads) ,
ABC Party Banner in Primary Colors (3331 downloads)

Olympics Opening Ceremony ~ Smaller Flags

Your Olympic party will look complete with your pennant banner.  To make the pennant banner, simply print, cut, assemble and hang.  Your guests will love being welcomed with such a colorful banner! You can use this smaller version to say any combination of “Welcome Olympic Athletes” that you wish!  For instance, if you are hosting a sports party, then print your banner to say “Welcome Athletes”.    Or you can use this smaller pennant banner in a different part of your home ~ where the opening ceremony will start.  {giddy} I’ve also included blank flags in the set so you can really make it say whatever you wish.  {I’ve got your back!}

Olympic printable cupcakes toppers Tip Junkie EHprint  Free Printable File:
6 Olympic Printable Decorations (6384 downloads)

Olympic Cupcake Toppers

How To Make:

The cupcakes toppers are super simple to assemble and use.  For the best results print these Olympic printables onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do. I like to use double sided tape and put take two cupcake topper printables and face them back to back {printable side out, of course}.  I then place a tooth pick between the printables and tape together {tape inside}.  Voila!  I have a fabulous cupcake topper that is double sided. There are so many ways you can use these darling Olympic printables.  Cut these Olympic cupcake toppers in squares {as shown} or use a 2 inch circle punch to make them round in seconds.

Folded Note Cards as buffet cards Tip Junkie

Summer Olympic Tent Cards

These festive summer Olympic tent cards can be used in several different ways:

  • Labels ~ Print or hand write the names of the food for your snack or dessert table.
  • Name Tags ~ Print onto sticker paper and cut off the flap {cut in half} to use as name tags for your athletes and spectators.
  • Gift Tags ~ Hole punch one corner and use a ribbon to tie to a gift as a party favor.
  • Place Cards ~ Write the names of each athlete to label their place setting at the dinner table.
  • Thank You Note Cards ~ Write a special thank you note inside and “Thank You” on the outside for a fun little note of thanks.

How to Make:  For the best results print these Olympic printables onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do.  You can print your message before you cut them out or you can hand write onto the tent cards.  Fold in half so it stands up on its own.

Free Printable Olympic Water Bottle Labels TipJunkie

Olympics Sports Water Bottle Wraps

You’re athletes are going to get thirsty during their Olympic Events!  So here’s a quick way to brand their water bottles with encouragement in a winning theme.  These would also work great taped onto solid colored paper drinking cups.

How To Make: 

For the best results print these Olympic printables onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do. Wrap around the existing water bottle label and tape to hold.  If it’s a particularly hot day, consider laminating your water bottle wrappers before you put them on the bottles so that you can put the water bottles in ice and the spectacular printable water bottle wrappers won’t disintegrate when the ice turns to water. {wink}

Free Printable Olympic Water Bottle Labels and Flag TipJunkie

Mini Food Olympic Flags

Red, yellow, blue, and green mini flags are absolutely adorable on straws, don’t you think?  Display in mason jars and see how quickly they get snatched up!  You can also hang these tiny flags together as a bunting {or garland} onto twine and attach to two striped straws as an adorable cake topper!

Free Printable Olympic Mini Food Flags from Tip Junkie

How To Make:  For the best results print these Olympic printable mini flags onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do.  Cut them out and glue {or tape} onto the straws.

The Olympics Printable Medal Podium AwardsEHprint  Free Printable File
Olympic Winner Podium Signs (3546 downloads)

Olympic Gold Medalists

The three winners podiums don’t have to be elaborate.  Simply attach these first place, second place, and third place signs onto what’s available for your Olympic Gold Medalists award ceremony.

Olympic Medals or Cookie AwardsEHprint Free Printable File:
Olympic Medal Cookie Label (5785 downloads)

Cookie Olympic Gold Medalists

These cookie award medals can be used as gold, silver, or bronze medals or you can print them all out as gold.  Cookie gold medals are a great way for any type of award for kids or adults.  Use them as edible awards your church group, school recognition, as party favors, or just for fun.  Sky’s the limit on what you could use these cool cookie awards for.

How To Make: 

For the best results print these Olympic printables onto printable sticker paper, although any paper will do.  Cut them out and stick onto wrapped cookies.  These cookies are wrapped in saran wrap and the ribbon is glued onto the back.  I made these cookie awards for my son’s Superhero Academy party and they were a HUGE hit!

Welcome Olympic Athletes Party SignEHprint  Free Printable File
Welcome Olympic Athletes Triangle Banner (3908 downloads) ,
11 Olympic Event Signs (5863 downloads) ,

Olympic Games for Kids

Kids love to play relay races, water games, and to toss just about anything.  The seven Olympic Games printable signs include:

  •  Start
  •  Finish
  •  Bean Bag Toss
  •  Hurdle Jump
  •  Balance beam
  •  Javelin Throw
  •  Blank Olympic Games Signs

How To Make:  For the best results print these Olympic games signs onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do.  You can hang them as they are, tape them onto a bucket, or pop into a plastic sheet protector on a metal skewer {pictured} to mark the place for each game.

Kids Activity Game Sign Hurdle Jump

Olympics Rings

The hurdle jump {above} is made out of pool noodles stuck to the ground with wooden chop sticks. Here are 31 Cool Games made out of Pool Noodles that would make for fun Summer Olympic games and events for any party for kids.

Olympic Games for Kids Free Printable Signs Tip Junkie

Olympic Events

There are so many fun summer Olympic Events and Olympic Games for Kids that everyone will enjoy.  Here are a few more games that you could plan for:

  • Long jump
  • 40 yard dash
  • Shot put
  • Discus {with a Frisbee}
  • Bead Bag Toss
  • Wand Relay
  • Soccer goal kick-off

You can keep score and pick the winners at the end of the party or give all the athletes a cookie gold medal.  It’s completely up to you and the age of the kiddos. {wink}

Free Olympic Printables copyright Tip Junkie

Free Olympic Printables

My goal this year is to continue to create lasting and loving memories with my boys. This is one of the tools I’m going to use to make it happen.  I hope you and your family enjoys these free Olympic printables.

More Olympic Games:

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