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Ready. Set. Link! It’s time for YOU to add some summer fun and family tradition ideas that bring you memories that matter for your family.

Add a link to your blog post or upload a photo with creative things to do as a family this summer.  I’m looking for creative ideas for summer traditions, boredom busters, fun photo ops, activities and games, printables you’ve made, family reunion ideas, whatever your family enjoys doing together!

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Thanks for playing along!

I thought I’d switch up Tip Me Tuesday as I’m enjoying summer a little too much with my fam and totally forgot about it this week. {eek!} Please accept my apologies.  And a big shout out and thank you to Diana!  Girl, you are awesome for contacting me. I truly appreciate you, girl.   {high fives}

Laurie and Dylan Road Trip

I can’t wait to see your family fun ideas as I need some new ones.  When my boys were little I had themed days like circle day where we played with circle themed items all day. When they got older we always had shaving cream fights and Surprise Day where I took out hidden bins of toys for 24 hours. Now that they are teenagers, we take road trips and silly photos from the side of the road using the RoadTrippers app. {cheezy grin}

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Laurie and Dylan Road Trip
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    • That’s my middle son during our road trip to Arizona with just the two of us. He needed practice driving and thought a cross-country mom/son trip was just what he needed. It was worth it as I don’t worry about him on the road anymore.

  1. I love the photo with your son! My kids are all older now, but even though three of the four live away from home, we have a group text-chat and a Snap Chat group chat that keeps us in touch. However, after they all began to move out I started really missing Sunday dinner. So now on the second Sunday of every month everyone (girlfriends and fiancees too!) come over to eat, laugh and get together. It’s so much fun! <3

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