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Happy Birthday Sweet 16!!  Sweet sixteen should be one of the most memorable moments in a teenager’s life. After all, there’s plenty of time to worry during adulthood. If you’re looking for sweet sixteen ideas, we have some of the most awesome ones, including some 16 year old birthday party ideas for boys. It’s true, this sweet 16 coming of age party is mostly celebrated by girls, but we’re all for gender equality! With that said, check out these fun 16th birthday ideas and let us know which one’s your favorite!

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes

Fun Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas Tip Junkie

These sweet sixteen birthday party themes include some really creative themes to celebrate this special happy birthday.  Fun 16th birthday ideas and super cool themes include berry sweet, reaching for the stars, rustic, and boho chic.  Of course there are also some tried and true themes like 80s theme, sleepover, nautical and glow in the dark.

16th Birthday for Girls

Creating a milestone birthday party for girls can mean adding love in the details. However the first step can be picking a birthday theme which your daughter will love.  Here are several that might just do the trick.

1. Colorful Boho Sweet 16 Party

Colorful Boho Sweet 16 Party

This boho party has all the details you could think about and more! However, that naked birthday cake hanging from the ceiling really steals the show.

Get sweet 16 ideas: Colorful Boho Sweet 16 Party

2. Spa Sleepover Sweet 16 Party

Spa Sleepover Sweet 16 Party

Sleepovers are always fun, but even more if it’s a birthday sleepover. The Spa kits and healthy treats make it even better!

Get sweet sixteen ideas here: Sweet 16 Spa Sleepover Party

3. Berry Sweet 16 Birthday Theme

Berry Sweet 16 Birthday Theme

This berry themed party is full of mouth-watering treats and gorgeous graphics. The color scheme and fresh fruit decor made this party exactly as it should be: colorful and lively.

Get 16 year old birthday here: Berry Sweet 16 Birthday

4. “Reaching For The Stars” Sixteenth Birthday Party

Reaching For The Stars Sixteenth Birthday Party

I love this idea! What better way than to describe the wonderful feeling of being 16 years old?

Get sixteenth birthday party here: “Reaching For The Stars”

5.  Makeover Party Theme

13 Going on 30 Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Design Dazzle featured a fun 13 going on 30 theme party Saucy’s Sprinkles hosted. Each guest received a makeover, photo shoot and become a cover girl. Model shots were taken of each guest, a few “photoshop” additions were completed to create the magazine cover.

See sweet sixteen party here:  13 Going on 30 Movie Theme

6.  80’s Themed Party

80’s themed party sweet 16 ideas

Christy threw an 80’s themed party complete with crazy hair and Aqua Net hairspray.

See the birthday party theme here: 80’s Themed Sweet Sixteen Ideas

16th Birthday Party ideas for Guys

When my boys turned sixteen years old they were more concerned with driving than having a big birthday party.  We ended up celebrating at a paintball course. {snicker} So I’ve also included sweet 16 ideas no party required ideas for ya.  However, if your boys are the opposite then here are some fun birthday party theme ideas just for the young men in your life.

7. Driver Themed 16th Birthday Boy Party

 Driver Themed 16th Birthday Boy Party

As I said, anyone can celebrate sweet 16, including boys. However, ideas on the topic are pretty rare but let’s face it. A driver themed party is actually a brilliant idea and this one is budget-friendly too!

See sweet 16 here: Driver-Themed 16th Birthday Boy Party

8. Glasses For Boys 16th Birthday Card

Glasses For Boys 16th Birthday Card

That geeky teenager in your life will love this cool birthday card! It’s also a fun, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift for a 16th birthday when there’s no party involved.

Get the card here: 16th Birthday Card Glasses For Boys

Sweet 16 Ideas for Girls and Boys

These sweet sixteen birthday party themes can be used for both boy and girls turning 16 years old. These are gender neutral themes which would also work great for boy and girl twins or cousins celebrating a birthday party together.

9. Glow In The Dark Party

Glow In The Dark Party

Glow in the dark seems like one of the best sweet sixteen party ideas ever! Let’s face it, this party decor looks amazing and it’s also gender neutral, which is perfect.

Get sweet 16 ideas here: Glow In The Dark Party

10. Luau Sweet 16 Ideas

Luau Sweet 16 Ideas

A Luau party for the 16th birthday? That sounds like fun, right? On top of that, it’s a pretty gender neutral idea and it looks absolutely fabulous, specially that cake!

Get sixteenth birthday here: Sweet 16 Luau

11. Fiesta Themed 16th Birthday Party

Fiesta Themed 16th Birthday Party

“No time for siesta, it’s time to fiesta” says one of the banners from this colorful fiesta themed party. I think they got that and everything else right. Don’t you?

Get sixteenth birthday here: Colorful Fiesta Themed 16th Birthday Party

12. Mexican Freak Sweet 16 Cake

Mexican Freak Sweet 16 Cake

Just look at that cake! It’s everything! If you’ve never heard about freak shakes and freak cakes you should know this is a trend that started in London and has rapidly gone viral. Definitely not hard to understand why.

Get 16 year old birthday here: Sweet Sixteen Mexican Freak Cake

13.  Rock Star Party Theme

Rockstar Themed 16th birthday

Lisa submitted her 13th Rockstar Birthday Party. It had 4 stations of activities, lots of food and music.

See the birthday party theme here:  Rock Star Party Theme

14.  Oh The Places They’ll Go

Baggage Claim Travel sweet sixteen birthday party

I have to include a 16th birthday party that I hosted for my friends daughter.  It was such a pleasure to me to transform my house room by room into the favorite places that Azelin has traveled during her 16 years.  It was a way for her friends to get to know her better.

See the super sweet 16 party here:  Amazing Sweet 16 Travel Party for Teens

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Ideas

If you’re looking for some little extra’s to make the happy birthday extra sweet here are a few out of the box ideas that I quite enjoyed.

14.  Hire a Caricature Artist

caricature artist at your sweet sixteen party

How fun would it be to have a caricature artist at your party!

15. Chalkboard Poster for 16th Birthday

Chalkboard Poster for 16th Birthday

This poster makes for an amazing keepsake and an Instagram-worthy backdrop. A budget friendly sweet 16 gift idea both girls and boys would enjoy receiving.

Get the poster here: 16th Birthday Chalkboard Poster

16.  Fun Party Favors

Stacy submitted her idea and made these little Asian fans as party favors for a sweet sixteen birthday party and I thought they were a fun theme but also a great way to anything into a party favor by adding a cute tag.

See the party favors here:  Asian Fan Party Favors

17. Nautical Birthday Party Favors

Nautical Birthday Party Favors

A nautical birthday seems like the perfect theme for a sweet 16 boy party and these super cute sunscreen party favors are the perfect starting point.

Get the party favors here: Nautical Birthday Party Favors

18. Fairy Rustic Birthday Cake

Fairy Rustic Birthday Cake

Speaking of cakes, this rustic fairy birthday cake looks like it came out of a story. I’m sure any 16 year old birthday girl would be thrilled to have it for her birthday!

Get 16 year old birthday here: Rustic Fairy Birthday Cake


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  1. Nice pictures everyone…i just finished my nieces sweet 16 party and the theme was “BROADWAY” it had to me one of my best one yet the broadway theme was fun to work with lots of fun ideas and options from the invitations,centerpieces and nameboard it was just a fun and awesome theme i have pictures for everyone to see if you want to…

  2. all these ideas make me want to have a party! and it's at least 6 months til the next family birthday… no fair! lol

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  3. Thanks for the feature! I will definitely remember that magazine cover idea for one of my girls' teen parties!

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