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25 Popular Tween and Teenager Birthday Parties


Here you go, 25 popular tween and teenager birthday party themes for your son or daughter.  You can tailor any of these ideas to your preferred color scheme and budget.

As always, the Tip Junkie Party blog has HUNDREDS of teen and tween party themes so you can always search there if you’re looking for more ideas.


Justin Bieber Birthday Party idea

1.  Justin Bieber Birthday Party Ideas {Justin Beiber} – If your daughter is one of the millions of girls with Bieber fever, you are probably looking for some fun Justin Bieber party ideas.  Here are a few to get you started on your Bieber adventure.

Harry Potter Party

2.  Harry Potter Birthday Party – This truly magical party includes invitations delivered by an owl, party entrance through platform 9 3/4?s, a visit to Gringotts Bank where they had to go through the Gringotts Goblin to get their gold, and shopping at stores in Diagon Alley where they purchsed Wands, Robes, Cauldrons and their school books. At Hogwarts there were Charms Class, Potions class & Magical creatures class.

The party ended with a well deserved trip to Honeydukes sweet shop with cauldron cakes, butter beer, lemon drops, chocolate frogs, exploding candy and many other magical treats! {Sadly, it looks like this blog is no longer online. Here’s another great Harry Potter Birthday Party idea (pictured above) with fabulous ideas!

leopard princess birthday party

3.  Leopard Princess Birthday Party – This Leopard Princess birthday party is sweet and fabulous all at the same time.  Includes a rockin’’ cake to match as well as a blow-up princess.  I love this color combination.

Project Runway Themed Birthday Party

4.  Project Runway Themed Birthday Party – This cute party is based on the birthday girl’s favorite T.V. show, Project Runway.  The guests all brought old clothes they could “makeover” as well as played fashion-related games.

Bollywood Bling Party Idea

5.  Bollywood Bling Party {dessert table} – The hubs is not big on desserts and with the Indian theme, we didn’t want any cakes. Instead, we filled the table with Indian-style sweets – Fit for a Maharajah!!

teenage queen party

6.  Teenage Queen 13th Birthday Party – All the girls had manicures, pedicures, hair and make-up done, then off to a restaurant and the back home for desserts and a sleepover. Needless to day the girls had an awesome night.

Makeup and Modeling Party

7. 12th Birthday Bash: Makeup, Modeling and Mavenistas! – Lara’’s a makeup maven who LOVES to get her pic taken! S0 not sure WHO she gets THAT from! (Looking away while whistling!) Here’s another great “spa” party idea!


tween spa party

8.  Tween Spa Party – With darling printables and a teal and blue color scheme this party looks so much fun I’m dying to attend. {wink}

preteen Spa Party

9. A Preteen Spa Day Birthday – A fabulous time was had by all when going to the spa we created in our home. Truth be told, I think lots of much older girls would love a party like this!

Sophisticated tween party with spa

10. Sophisticated Tween Birthday with Spa – This party is a mix of pink black and with with damask patterns. The guests enjoyed mani and pedi with facials and make up. The dessert bar included treats and favors of lotion, lip gloss, and nail polish.

vintage barbie birthday

11.  PreTeen Vintage Barbie Birthday Party – Inspired by the black & pink color scheme and vintage silhouette of barbie, which was incorporated in everything from the invites to the decor… even the birthday girl’s t-shirt

birds of a feather

12.   Birds Of A Feather Tween Party -The actual party was not at home so each girl received a “flight itinerary card” for an invitation and as each girl came to the car, they received a cute flower to wear in their hair.

safari teen pool party

13.  Safari Teen Pool Party – I just love the zebra and teal color scheme of this fun pool party.

preppy beach party

14. Teen Preppy Beach Party – Oooo, this party just SCREAMS Summer. If you don’t have a birthday party coming up, find another excuse to hold a bash like this. Graduation, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Saturday…whatever it takes!

despicable me party idea

15. Despicable Me Party {Best Party Themes} – This Despicable Me Party has all of your party needs covered with handmade ideas.  Fun food, invitations, decorations and games.  There are also more ideas for party games and decorations.

tae kwon do party

16. Tae Kwon Do Party {Boy Birthday Party Ideas} – This black-belt earning celebration would also make a great birthday party theme. The dessert table is full of clever treats, including licorice belts. Check out all of the great ways the incorporated the colored belts into the homemade decorations.

wizards of waverly place party

17. Wizards of Waverly Place Birthday Party – The WWP party is a great theme for tween girls. What tween doesn’t love Selena Gomez right now? I love the idea of the lotion potion activity.

peace love party

18. Peace, Love, Party! – I love the vibrant colors of this Peace, Love Party! I think this is a perfect themed party for a tween – not too baby-ish but still fun and exciting.

CSI Party

19.  CSI Birthday Party {Theme} – I love that this party was for a 7 year old girl! They got badges with their name & title, as well as custom made t-shirts. Crime Scene kits were given to each girl filled with all the tools they would need to solve the case. Justin Beiber had been murdered, and it was up to them to find the killer.

american girl 1904 party

20. Party Like it’s 1904-An American Girl (Samantha) Mystery Party – Nine year old girl party featuring an American Girl Mystery to solve, homemade apron and hair bow favors, and a custom silhouette motif.

luau birthday party

21. Teen Luau Birthday Party – After months of planning, spending, and crafting, the party was definitely one that will be remembered. They danced, swam, made a craft, and had a fantastically fun Home-Made Party. Here’s a fun preppy surf party idea!

glamping party

22. Glamping (AKA Glamour Camping) – Even the most “indoorsy” kinda gal could enjoy a romp in the woods with this kind of camping. I know I could. And what a fun idea for a teen or tween girl party!

Tween baking party

23. Tween Baking Party – As party guests start to arrive, put them to work embellishing their very own chef’s hat. Have each girl put her name on a hat with sticker letters to avoid any confusion and to help everyone get to know each other. Party guests will create special flowers made out of coffee filters and cupcake liners to adorn their hats. Each one will end up being as unique as the party guest.

twilight new moon party

24. Twilight Birthday Party – Werewolf ears using wire headbands, craft fur, & hot glue…it was easy, but messy!!! Team Edward wore the fangs.

secret agent spy party

25. Secret Agent Spy Party – A great party planned with food, entertainment, and fab decor. Any teen will have so much fun with this secret agent spy party.

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  1. dear Laurie,
    I had been having alot of troble finding the right party for me and my friends its my 13th birthday this year witch means ill be a teenager so i had to have anmazing party i LOVE the runway one so thankyou for finding me my party!!! 😀
    THXS: sam

  2. Laurie, I just came from your party tips section to this page. I am constantly searching for ideas like this and come up empty. Your site is filled with them. I think my daughter and her friends would love that face makeup idea above. Many thx, Jim

  3. YAY! Thank you so much for showing my spy party. This made me VERY excited lol. There are tons of incredible ideas here! I will have 3 “tweens” in the house soon, so I need this list. I’ve been loving this birthday themed week!