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shamrock shake

14 Shamrock Shake Recipes

If you love a good  Shamrock Shake, then you are going to drool over these dessert recipes perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t worry though, we won’t tell if you make them year round! Shamrock Shake Recipes all have one ingredient in common: mint. These recipes are easy to make and mouth-wateringly delicious. You are going to love these step-by-step shamrock shake recipes …

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crayon removal

How to Remove Crayon Stains

Are you wondering how to remove crayon on fabric, in the carpet, on walls, or other areas in your house? If your little one likes to use “inappropriate” surface as his or her canvas, then these tips and tricks for removing crayon will help! The tutorials to remove crayon stains are super helpful and will help you get rid of the masterpiece that you may …

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