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This is the last of my recap posts for the Creative Connection Event.  I hope you were inspired and learned a little along the way.  Today I’m featuring “The Future Face of Retail” panel during the The Creative Connection Event.

IÂ’ll also be showing you my quick interview with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy who is another example of a handmade business that’s booming!

The Digital Marketplace

The Future Face of Retail – the digital marketplace

panel was another very impressive panel with some incredibly successful women in business. I could not believe all the great information that was given. Here’s a quick summary of the amazing advice we received.

  • “Branding is very important” be clear about what you ate selling and who you are selling it to. How are you going to tell your story.
  • “Be authentic with your online image”
  • Photography is selling your product online – have good images.
  • Learn about your own camera, read your manual, google tutorials for your camera via YouTube.
  • Heather Bullard gets most of her sales through her blog. Also get print media like a magazine.
  • Print ads give Lisa Leonard her company notoriety but social media drives sales with the genuine relationships.
  • A blog gives you a face to face to sell your product just like a brick and mortar Store used to give you.
  • Talk about other things 80% of the time and promote yourself 20% of the time on Twitter.
  • You are so creative with your hands let it naturally flow into your social media marketing.
  • Link your twitter profile link to your favorite product on your shop or about me page – not home page.
  • Have a return policy online and have great customer service.
  • Make sure packaging matches your branding and use tissue. Make your customer feel pampered and an emotion when they open your package.
  • Include a small gift inside the package like postcard of your paintings and let it be a layering surprise.
  • Regarding packaging “Humble is better than badly done expensive”.
  • Your business will suck you dry – constantly remind yourself family is first.
  • Under promise and over produce.
  • Stay debt free!
  • Google “How to write a grant” or “grant writing language” to get grants for your business to take it to the next level.
  • Know what your product really costs including packaging fees – it’s ok to have a large profit margin.
  • Ask what’s the most people will pay for this and start there an see what the market will bear.
  • Do you want to be Kmart or do you want to be Nordstoms?

Naturally, my notes are just a quick blurb in what was discussed during the three hour panel.  I hope you’ll consider joining us next year at the The Creative Connection Event.

Pleated Poppy Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing the darling Lindsey Cheney who’s the creator of The Pleated Poppy while at the Creative Connection.  She’s so talented and absolutely adorable!  {{I cannot believe I didn’t spit out my gum.  Geesh! I’m such a novice interviewer.}}

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The Creative Connection Event

If you’re just joining us and would like to know how to get published, how to grow your blog, social media, and more about becoming a woman in business.  Here are the other recap posts from The Creative Connection Event:

I would be remiss if I didn’t’ take a quick second to thank my fabulous sponsor Westminster Fabrics.
I am so excited for Amy ButlerÂ’s new line of fabric, Soul Blossoms.
Imagine all the wonderful things that can be made!

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