15 Fun Ways To Be The Perfect Tooth Fairy


Make the tooth fairy’s job extra easy with these creative tooth fairy ideas. Use these simple patterns and free printables to add a magical touch to this milestone in a child’s life.

Are you getting excited for a lost tooth at your house? Check out these creative tooth fairy ideas to make your job a bit easier.  Get ready for that early morning squeal of delight as your little one finds their sweet treasure.

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15 Fun Ways To Be The Perfect Tooth Fairy
15 Fun Ways To Be The Perfect Tooth Fairy

With these fun and easy tooth fairy ideas you can not only make the event magical, but you can spark some wild imagination at your house!

Gold Coin Tooth Fairy printable
@ Selina

15. Gold Coin Tooth Fairy Idea

There is something about a gold coin that feels a little extra valuable!  These free printables from Selina will make the tooth fairy’s job extra easy.  Download free printable here –> Gold Coin Tooth Fairy Free Printable

Stock up on gold tooth fairy coins from your bank, or purchase a bag of chocolate gold coins and you are all set for an unexpected tooth loss.

Tooth Fairy Door Tutorial
@ Darcy

14. Tooth Fairy Door

This magical tooth fairy door will surely spark some creative conversations in your house. Darcy shows you the supplies you’ll need, and the steps from start to finish.  Click here for free tutorial –> DIY Tooth Fairy Door

The paint pattern ideas are endless and you can make the door as fancy as you want, or let your child help with the design and see what happens! I love that you can open the door to another magical scene for the tooth fairy exchange to take place.

I wish I would have been this creative when I was in charge of lost teeth at our house!  What do you think, adorable?

Tooth Fairy Printables
@ Maureen

13. Tooth Fairy Printables

A budget-friendly customizable set of tooth fairy printables that look absolutely amazing!  Click here to download free printable –>  Custom Tooth Fairy Printables

Maureen’s tooth fairy printables make it super easy to keep track of how many teeth your little one has lost, and also might reinforce good teeth brushing habits in a child that may need some encouragement.

I love the extra space for tooth fairy notes.  After all, who doesn’t love a magical note with a tooth fairy message?

Tip:  Don’t forget the sparkly gen pen.

Tooth Fairy Tooth Box with Free Printable Letter
@ Cassie

12. Tooth Fairy Tooth Box

Did you ever lose a tooth in school and proudly brought back one of those tiny plastic treasure boxes that the nurse gave you?  Click here for free printable –> DIY Tooth Fairy Box With Letter

Imagine the delight in a custom box to carefully secure your lost tooth until the tooth fairy arrives to claim it! (And by custom, I also mean EASY!)

Take a dental floss container and quickly turn it into a cute lost tooth box. The size of the box will make it easy to retrieve if it will be left under a pillow for the tooth fairy to find (in the dark while trying not to wake a child!).

You can thank me later for this tip! {knuckle bumps} The link also includes a very realistic tooth fairy letter that you can easily customize.

Tooth Fairy Certificate Free Printable
@ Stephanie

11. Tooth Fairy Certificate

Kids will love this tooth fairy report and it will make them even more excited for the next time they lose one. It’s a great way to reward and encourage a child to take good care of their teeth and of course, everyone likes mail–especially from the tooth fairy!  Click here for free printable –>  Tooth Fairy Free Printable Certificate

Tooth Fairy Kit Free Tutorial
@ Melissa

10. Tooth Fairy Kit

A fun and simple project that lets you create the ultimate tooth fairy kit including a pillow box, a money envelope, and a lost tooth receipt.  Click here to learn how to make –>  DIY Tooth Fairy Kit

The free patterns are used with a Silhouette to create adorable little paper boxes and you can easily change up the paper style for a boy or girl.

By giving your child the paper pillow box for their lost tooth, you are ensuring an easy grab from under the pillow. If you have never tried to find a lone tooth under a pillow at night, don’t start now!  {giggle}

Tooth Fairy Receipt And Box
@ Vanessa

9. Tooth Fairy Receipt And Box

Hard to decide which one is more adorable, the lost tooth box or the tooth fairy receipt!  Click here for free printable –>  DIY Tooth Fairy Receipt And Box

You can paint a small box at a local pottery studio or find something small that you could recycle and paint at home.

Tip:  The great thing about a special tooth box is that it can reused for each tooth that is lost.

The receipts are a free printable that will make leaving a note from the tooth fairy easy and special.  And, don’t forget some glitter. Glitter hair spray or a glitter gel pen can easily jazz up a tooth fairy note!

DIY Lost Tooth Pouch Tutorial
@ Cori

8. DIY Lost Tooth Pouch

These lost tooth pouches are a simple way Cricut users can make cute and customizable bags for the tooth fairy. They make the tooth fairy’s job extra easy and if you have two or three kids, you are looking at 40-60 lost teeth! {gasp}  Click here for instructions –> DIY Lost Tooth Pouch

The days of my three boys losing their teeth are over, but the memories of those late night tooth exchanges remain special.

Free Tooth Fairy Printables
@ Cheryl

7. Free Tooth Fairy Printables

A tooth report for your child to fill out, tooth chart, tooth receipt and a super cool tooth fairy door knob hanger are included in this sweet printable set.  Click here for free printable –>  Free Tooth Fairy Printables

If you are a scrapbooker, you can keep the tooth report that your child fills out as a sweet memory that you can watch change as they grow and lose more teeth.  I also love the door hanger and think it is an extra special touch!

DIY Tooth Fairy Pouch
@ Mollie

6. DIY Tooth Fairy Pouch

With all of the tooth fairy pillow ideas out there, this tooth fairy pouch is a super simple design that requires little sewing skills. It’s the perfect exchange design. The lost tooth is kept safe for the tooth fairy to find and replace with cash or other small token.  Click here for free pattern –>  DIY Tooth Fairy Pouch

All you need to make this darling tooth fairy pouch is felt, embroidery floss, basic hand-sewing skills and a printable template. The only hard part is remembering to have some cash and make the exchange. {giggles}

Tooth Fairy Dust Pendants
@ Kristin

5. Tooth Fairy Dust Pendants

How darling are these tooth fairy dust pendants? I absolutely love all of the bold colors and cute shapes. I can only imagine the excitement of a little girl who awakes to this sweet gift. Having three boys, we didn’t go through huge amounts of glitter at our house.  Click here for free tutorial –>  DIY Tooth Fairy “Fairy Dust” Pendants

Are you a glitter fan? I love that this is a non-cash option for more tooth fairy ideas and makes such a sweet necklace for lots of fun! I personally would make up a stock pile of these and stash them until needed. You don’t want to be messing with glitter and tiny bottles at midnight on a Tuesday!

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Notes
@ Handmade Charlotte

4. Free Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

If only I would have been smart enough to think of an “Oopsies” note when my boys were losing their teeth.  Click here for free printable –>  Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

This is such a charming set of printables that you will definitely want to have on hand. It includes a lost tooth box with a place for kids to write their name, a lost teeth tracker, and a blank “Oopsies” note that kids can write on.

I promise you that there will come a morning when your child wakes up to find their tooth still under their pillow, and you will have to quickly rationalize why the tooth fairy may not have found it!

Being a tooth fairy is a tough gig on tired parents and you are doing awesome! {high five}

Tooth Fairy Door Tutorial
@ Donnie

3. Tooth Fairy Door

There is something so magical about the tooth fairy and fairies in general. I love all of the garden fairies and their tiny little homes and accessories.  Click here for pictured instructions –>  DIY Tutorial For A Fairy Door

This surprisingly easy tutorial for making a fairy door that looks absolutely magical is a great way to welcome the tooth fairy into your home and spark the wild imaginations of your children.

What tiny objects could you transform into fairy possessions that could start some fun stories in your house? And of course, don’t forget some fun tooth fairy names!

Glittery Tooth Fairy Coins
@ Katie

1. Glittery Tooth Fairy Coins

When I think about the tooth fairy, I always think about sparkle and glitter. These sparkly tooth fairy coins make the perfect reward for losing a tooth.  Click here for free tutorial –>  Glittery DIY Tooth Fairy Coins

They are super easy to make with some clear paint, extra-fine glitter and whatever change you have lying around.

Tip:  I recommend making a enough to get you through your first few lost teeth.

If there is one thing this tooth fairy has learned, it is that glitter can take some time to dry and dries even slower when applied at 10:00 pm by a tired tooth fairy.

Also note that once the tooth fairy leaves sparkly coins, regular currency will never be accepted. {giggles}

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Fun Tooth Fairy

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I’d love to know what other DIY projects and patterns you are looking for and want to make.  Leave a comment below, and I would absolutely love to hear your best tooth fairy memories and mishaps! I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.


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