43 Creative Zoo Animal Birthday Party Themes


How to host an extraordinary Zoo animal birthday party for your kids!  These 43 zoo animal parties are so beautiful with creative party elements including cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and even entertaining animal party games.  You know I just adore a party, so I’ve tried to find a birthday theme for every one of the most common Zoo animals. {squeal}

As always, the Tip Junkie Party blog has over a THOUSAND birthday parties so you can always search there if you’re looking for more zoo animal or pet party themes and DIY party tutorials.

Alligator Bayou Bash First Birthday Party

Zoo Animals

1.  Alligator ~ Alligator Bayou Bash First Birthday Party ~ There are so many amazing details in this party.  It starts out with the invitations, which were sent in cardboard boxes filled with newspaper, Spanish moss, a plastic alligator and an egg which had to be “cracked open”.

Also here’s a Printable Alligator  {Free Pattern} ~ It’s used as a Valentine, but you can use this download for your Alligator birthday party as well.

Ant Picnic Birthday Party Decor

2.  Ant ~ Ant Picnic Birthday Party Decor ~ I swear Ants never looked so adorable with this fun Ant picnic theme with chocolate party favors.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

3.  Bald Eagle ~ Eagle Scout Court of Honor ~ Ok, I know this isn’t a birthday party but it has the most amazing bald eagle cake and cupcake tower and fleur de lis cookies.  Which are perfect for a Bald Eagle party.

Bat Birthday Party
4.  Bat ~ Chic Bat Birthday Party ~ Sara Westbrook and One Charming Party teamed up to create these fantastic Bat party invitations, cake and cupcakes, and even game and free downloads.

Tip Junkie has some crazy cool bat craft tutorials and printables which would be perfect for a Halloween party or any Bat themed birthday.

Of course there are also some really creative Batman birthday parties as well.  We’ll cover those in the Super Hero theme, but i wanted you to know that there were several available to check out now.

Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Party
5.  Bear ~ Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Party ~ The color scheme of light blues and white with and a pop of yellow make this Teddy Bear party theme ultra chic and so beautiful from KiKi Events.  This party could be tailored to almost any animal theme, simply substitute a different stuffed animal and voila.

There are some adorable bear crafts and tutorials on Tip Junkie.  So if you need some DIY tutorials or templates, that’s a great place to check first.

Cheetah and Safari Birthday Party
6.  Cheetah ~ Cheetah and Safari Birthday Party ~ The decor was all Cheetah print with tissue balls to go on the back of the chairs, cheetah print ribbon bows decorated the dessert table, as well as an incredible cake.  The kiddos had a blast, riding ponies, taking carriage rides, getting their faces painted to look like any animal they desired, and learning all about the animals that were brought in from the local zoo.

Colorful Cobra birthday cake
7.  Cobra ~ Colorful Cobra birthday cake ~ This isn’t a recipe or a full birthday party, but I thought using M&M’s to decorate the scales of this Corbra snake birthday cake was brilliant.

Tommy's Crab Shack Party
8.  Crab ~ Tommy’s Crab Shack Party ~ This navy, red, and white party is perfect for a Crab, Nautical, or Patriotic themed party.  Kim did such an amazing job with so many details that can be used in any color scheme to create an incredible dessert table.

If you’re looking for more adorable crab recipes the Crafty Food site has some yummy food ideas for your crab themed party.

Dinosaur Birthday Party
9.  Dinosaur ~ This dino-mite party is perfect for a dinosaur lover.  These party photos are full of great colors, kid friendly snacks, and a great dinosaur birthday cake that would be easy to make at home.  Kids will have a roaring good time at this party.

There are some great Dinosaur crafts and tutorials on Tip Junkie, be sure to check there first if you’re looking for DIY details or recipes for your party.

Dolphin Birthday Party
10.  Dolphin ~ Dolphin Birthday Party ~ With fabric covered wallks, tons of balloons, and laterns this dolphin birthday party is darling in teal, blue, orange and white.  They also had games for the kiddos like pin the blow hole on the dolphin, bean bag toss with fish, Go Fish.

Dragon Birthday Party

11.  DragonDragon Birthday Party ~ Um, yes that would be a fire-breathing dragon cake!  This home birthday party has some really fun little details like costumes for the kids, felt birthday banner, and lots of dragon decorations.  It’s adorable.  {p.s. I know dragons aren’t zoo animals. HA!}  Be sure to check out this Dragon Bread recipe, it’s adorable.

Rubber Duck Birthday Party
12.  Duck ~ Rubber Duck Birthday Party ~ The yellow and blue color scheme of this party is striking.  I also reallylike the yellow boa’s and fun little details that make this party pop.

Tip Junkie has several cute duck crafts and crafty food recipes, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a few more homemade details for your Duck birthday party.  I also have 5 Rubber Duck Baby Shower themed parties, if you’re pregnant!

Adorable Elephant 1st Birthday Party
13.  Elephant ~ Adorable Elephant 1st Birthday Party ~ The teal, red, and white color scheme with these adorable little Elephants make this such a delightful party theme.

Bright Blue and Orange Giraffe Birthday Party
14.  Giraffe ~ Bright Blue and Orange Giraffe Birthday Party ~ This party was created with some serious love for the birthday boy.  Details include a handmade 5 foot tall stuffed Giraffe as well as 60 different party decorations.  Wow!

You might have guess, Tip Junkie has several really cute Giraffe crafts complete with pictures instructions on how to make these DIY ideas and crafty food recipes.

Goat Birthday Party
15.  Goat ~ Goat Birthday Party ~The only Goat party I could find and it has a craft, goat horns for the kid to wear, and even goat pancakes.  Sounds like a fun party to me!

Gorilla Jungle Safari Birthday Party
16.  Gorilla ~ Gorilla Jungle Safari Birthday Party ~ The party is in a soft palette and baby-like with light blues, animal prints, raffia, baskets, and touches of green, yellow, and orange.  I love all of the food names like Mini Banana Putting and Gorilla Grapes.

Hedgehog Cupcake Recipe
17.  Hedgehog ~ Hedgehog Cupcake Recipe ~This was a tough theme to find a party for but I did find these darling Hedgehog cupcakes from Martha.

Hungry, Hungry Hippo Game Birthday Party
18.  Hippopotamus ~ Hungry, Hungry Hippo Game Birthday Party ~ This is such a fun party theme and a great way to incorporate a child’s game into their birthday.  I love the bright colors and reminiscing of the 80’s board games.

Kangaroo Birthday Cake

19.  Kangaroo ~ Kangaroo Birthday Cake ~ Hosting a Kangaroo birthday party theme would be so much fun at a bounce house, wouldn’t it?  This is just a picture of a cake but I thought it was so well done and well… that’s all I could find.  {snort}

This Leopard Princess birthday party
20.  Leopard ~ This Leopard Princess birthday party~ This is sweet and fabulous all at the same time.  Includes a rockin’ cake to match as well as a blow-up princess.  I love this color combination.  And although this party was for a four year old, I think this theme could easily work for a tween or teen.

Vintage Lion First Birthday Party
21.  Lion ~ Vintage Lion First Birthday Party ~ Leo celebrated his first birthday with this fabulous vintage party theme.  If your little one has a favorite animal, it can easily be substituted for the lion and made vintage with the help of all of the beautiful vintage fabric touches.

Leapin' Lizards She is Two Birthday Party
22.  Lizard ~ Leapin’ Lizards Birthday Party ~ I love the bright colors of this Girly Gecko Party.  There are such fun party details like lizard cookies, adorably decorated white paper sacks and yep even lizard lotion. HA!

Modern Sock Monkey Birthday Party
23.  Sock Monkey ~ Modern Sock Monkey Birthday Party ~ I just adore this bright and cheery Sock Monkey party in red, white, and brown.  You’ll love all of the amazing details in this party and DIY decor.

Monkey and Banana's Birthday Party
24.  Monkey ~ Monkey and Banana’s Birthday Party ~ I totally bananas over her adorable this fun Monkey birthday party in traditional brown and yellow colors.  With two dessert tables and fun party favors this is a great party to grab ideas from.

Tip Junkie has some great pictured instructions on how to make all kinds of fun monkey crafts and crafty food recipes.  So be sure to check here to add those little touches to your party.

Night Owl Birthday Party
25.  Owl ~ Night Owl Birthday Party ~ This cute Night Owl themed pajama party would be fun for any sleepover.  The table is turned into a bed, the guests wear jammies, and cute little night owls make an appearance in all of the party treats. There are also great ideas for a first birthday, like homemade onsies and chalkboard photo props.

Holy Smokes, Tip Junkie has over 60 Owl tutorials and printables, so be sure to check here first when planning your party.  Sky’s the limit on how many homemade details your party can have.

Pink & Green Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party
26.  Panda ~ Pink & Green Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party ~ With fun activities for kids like the Panda art station and panda stuffing sanctuary as well as an impressive Panda dessert table.

Winter Wonderland Penguin Party

27.  Penguin ~ Winter Wonderland Penguin Party ~ These larger-than-life penguins that greet the party guests holding balloons are just incredible.  Talk about making a great first impression!  Naturally the party doesn’t stop there be sure to check out the dessert table and other fun party elements.

Olivia the Pig Birthday Party

28.  Pig ~ Olivia the Pig Birthday Party ~ The red, white, and black polka dot balloons make this party fun and festive.  I also love that she painted an Olivia for the photo ops.  So something I would do. HA!.

Penguins & Polar Bears Winter ONEderland Birthday Party
29.  Polar Bear~ Penguins & Polar Bears Winter ONEderland Birthday Party ~ With large cutouts for the yard, penguin bean bag toss game, penguin bowling game from recycled drink bottles this party is sure to please any One year old and beyond.

Also check out these adorable penguin crafts on Tip Junkie.  Each one is complete with a pictured tutorial on how to make.

Porcupine Salad Crafty Food
30.  Porcupine ~ Porcupine Salad Crafty Food ~ With cream cheese mixture on the bottom, use the photo for the details- the quills are slivered almonds.

Cute Rabbit Birthday Party

31.  Rabbit ~ Cute Rabbit Birthday Party ~ “Our Little Cotton Tail” birthday party or a Peter Rabbit themed party would be adorable with these amazing rabbit decorations.

There are several fun rabbit crafts on Tip Junkie so be sure to check here if you’re planning a rabbit or bunny party.

sea lion birthday cake
32.  Sea Lion ~ Sea Lion Birthday Cake ~ This is such an impressive birthday cake that would be perfect for a Sea Lion party.

Shark Birthday Party
33.  Shark ~ Shark Infested Birthday ~ Party guests wore a great white shark fin, took silly photos with Jaws, ate shark Kebab’s and salt water taffy to name a few fun activities.

If you’re looking for some fun shark crafts for kids, I’ve got a few they might enjoy.

Boys vs. Wild Snake Party
34.  Snake ~ Boys vs. Wild Party~ Surviving in the wild, challenging yourself, eating bugs and snakes… what’s not to love?

baby Blue Tiger Birthday Party
35.  Tiger ~ Baby Blue Tiger Birthday Party ~ Using the traditional colors of yellow and brown, the baby blue {or teal} makes turns this themed party into a sophisticated theme that would work well for any age.

Preppy turtle party in pink and green

36.  TortoiseTurtles ~ Preppy Turtle Party in Pink and Green ~ This is such an adorable party and I love the mix and match of pink stripes and green gingham patterns and all the love that wend into this adorable party.  It would also make a fun baby shower theme, don’t ya think?

Love is in the details,and Tip Junkie has several adorable turtle crafts to help bring your party to the next level with several homemade touches.

Magical Unicorn Birthday Party
37. Unicorn ~ Magical Unicorn Birthday Party ~ The magical, make believe world of a child’s mind can lend itself to the most enchanting of parties. Unicorns prancing around a living room floor, for example, transport us back to the days of dress up, knights and the whimsical world of a princess.

Little Squirt Wale Birthday Party

38.  Whale ~ Little Squirt Wale Birthday Party ~ Talk about a seriously cute party theme.  The colors are great and I love that they gave out squirt bottles as the party favors. {giggle}

Whale of Fun Birthday Party
39.  Whale of Fun Birthday Party ~ And adorable DIY Whale birthday party with some really fun cupcake toppers, ship cake as well as a whale cake.

Big Bad Wolf Birthday Party
40.  Wolf ~ Big Bad Wolf Birthday Party ~ A fun twist on Little Red Riding-hood party.  This would be perfect for boy/girl twins as well.  On photobucket, click through images 160-166 to see the party pictures.

Worm To Your Motha Birthday Party
41.  Worms ~ Worm To Your Motha Birthday Party ~ {bwaahaa!}  This is simply hysterical and such a great party theme complete with games, food names, and lots of party fun!

Tip Junkie also has some fun worm crafts and other DIY ideas to make your worm party extra fun like the one above.

Zebra Diva Birthday Party Ideas

42.  ZebraZebra Diva Birthday Party~ This Zebra Diva Party can be for a girl of any age!  It’s fun and sassy with an Amazing cake, diy decorations (tulle pom-pom puff tutorial), and information on where and how to get items for your Zebra Diva Party.

There are tons of fun Zebra parties and zebra print crafts on Tip Junkie, make sure you check here for some great tutorials that will make your party extra fun.

Outdoor Zoo Birthday Party

43.  Zoo ~ Outdoor Zoo Birthday Party ~ With fun activities like wall painting, a pinata, water bag, face painting and some seriously cool Zoo themed party food this party is perfect for a Zoo theme.

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