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11 Best Selling Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams

Looking to makeover or freshen up your home? One of the easiest and inexpensive ways is a fresh coat of paint. Here are some “Fixer Upper” styles using Sherwin Williams paint to refresh the walls in your home for new and trendy decor. {{beautiful!}} In case you’re new here, “Hi!  I’m Laurie” and Tip Junkie has thousands of craft and …

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6 How to Paint a Magnetic Wall {toy room ideas}

magnetic wall

How to paint a Magnetic Paint in your kids toy room (or bedroom) is a new trend that’s HOT, HOT, HOT! It’s super popular because it allows for a magnetic surface that can be creative and useful. Kids can play and learn on their magnetic wall, and older kids can use it as a bulletin board without worrying about pin holes. You are …

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15 Painting Techniques for Furniture

Painting Techniques

Looking for painting techniques how-to’s for repainting furniture?  Here are some conventional and unconventional ways to refinish furniture in your home for new and trendy decor.  Try these ideas to accent your home and give new life to your tables, side table, night stands, dressers, and console tables. You’ll be inspired by these tutorials for refinishing furniture with chalk paint, spray paint, distressing, weathering and even …

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15 Halloween Face Painting Ideas


Face painting is such a fun and cheap activity for children.  Most children love getting their face painted.  That’’s why the face painting booth at carnivals is such a favorite.  Incorporate Halloween makeup in your next Halloween or birthday party.  Keep it simple and quick and it will be the hit of the party! As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites …

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Tips on Choosing a Frame for Your Paintings


When you first decide that you need a border for your painting or your picture, you are not sure of much else. At this point you are simply looking for something that you can encase your picture in. Unfortunately, it is not quite as easy as that. Trying to choose the right casing for your photographs or artwork takes as …

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How to Paint Your Room To Make it Look Bigger

5 Easy DIY Improvements-jpg

With space at a premium in urban areas the size of rooms in new build houses & apartments seem to be an ever-shrinking phenomenon. This is not ideal when people yearn for expansive rooms that allow us to display our belongings neatly. Interior design is all about appearances and we have all seen houses which seem larger than another house …

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Painted Cabinet

Painted Cabinet

I often find it hard to find suitable furniture in department stores. From huge mall chains to other small, “low-end” furniture shop, they all look the same. The finish is often laminate–same old maple brown, black and sometimes but rarely white. Like this shoe rack. There were no other choices but black. Since buying a new one is out of …

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