16 Outrageous Halloween Pictures of Decorated Cars


Every year my church hosts a trunk or treat and I love seeing all the Halloween pictures.  It is typically a night of where you decorate the car and go trick or treating from car to car instead of door to door.  The kids love it and it’s a fun way to see all our friends in one place.

If you’re attending a trunk or treat this year I’ve hooked you up with some over-the-top car & trunk decorations complete with Halloween pictures for you to be inspired from.

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Halloween Pictures

Halloween Pictures

1.   A boat with the cast of Gilligan’s Island
2.  Wizard of Oz themed car
3.  Dinosaur/dragon/monster car
4. 50’s themed diner complete with games


Trunk or Treat Halloween Pictures

5.  Pirate themed car
6.  Beach theme trunk
7.  Incredible’s themed car
8.  Jonas Brothers Trunk


Car Faces

9.  Trunk Mouth
10.  Vampire teeth trunk
11.  Happy face car
12.  Scarecrow car


Creepy Car Halloween Pictures

13.  Forensics themed trunk
14.  Haunted Mansion
15.  Maggots, gorilla Brains, and skeletons
16.  Spider and web themed car

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  1. what i wanna know is what you would need to make number #11, the happy face car, what do u need to make that!?(: like cardboard or something?

  2. wanna she a car did up for holloween find me on face book under george fair and on you tube

  3. I remember my parents help me find ideas for Halloween costumes, and it helps me find the items I need to put the costume together.Store-bought costumes were bought just not very often at home.

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