27 Best Easter Egg Coloring Tips, Dye, & Design

Impress your kids with the best Easter egg coloring designs and free templates.  These 27 tutorials will teach you how to color Easter eggs, give you free Easter egg templates, and learn how to make funny Easter eggs like Disney Eggs, Angry Bird eggs, and more!

Best Easter Eggs

1.  How to Make Leaf Print Eggs ~ These Easter eggs are absolutely beautiful!  Instead of the traditional egg-dying technique try using a reverse-stenciling method.

2.  Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs ~ These fun and funky Easter egg designs were first dyed using an egg dyeing kit.   After allowing them to dry completely you can adhere white stickers around the egg.

How To Color Easter Eggs

3.  DIY Speckled Robin Egg {how to} ~ Turn your plastic eggs into beautiful speckled robin eggs with the help of some textured spray paint and this tutorial.

4.  Stamped Decoupaged Eggs ~ Here is a beautiful example of Stamped Decoupaged Eggs.  You can create your own by stamping an image onto tissue paper, cutting around the image, then decoupaging onto the eggs.  When you add the decoupage glue the tissue paper disappears and gives it a hand-painted effect.

5.  Doodle Easter Eggs ~ Forget about color and keep your Easter Eggs simple in black and white.  Take out your sharpie and have fun doodling on your eggs.

Easter Egg Coloring Tips

6.  Dinosaur Eggs ~ These Dinosaur Eggs are awesome!  They are also very easy to make.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs and regular food coloring.

7.  Kool-Aid Eggs ~ These Kool-Aid dyed eggs are fun, fruity and nostalgic.  Your kids will be so excited to help.  All you need is hard-boiled eggs, Kool-Aid and water.

Easter Egg Dye

8.  Silk Dyed Easter Eggs ~ Aren’t these Silk Dyed Easter Eggs absolutely exquisite?!  You can make them by wrapping them in silk and boiling them in vinegar water.  When you unwrap them the pattern from the scarf transfers to the egg.  Amazing.

9.  Ukranian Eggs Made Simple ~ These traditional Ukranian dyed eggs are stunning with the intricate and geometric designs.  Using a stylus and melted beeswax you can accomplish these beautiful designs.  They are time consuming, but well worth it.

Easter Egg templates

10.  Silhouette Stenciled Easter Egg Tutorial ~ These silhouette eggs are gorgeous!  Using acrylic paint, silhouettes, and wooden eggs you can create your own silhouette stenciled Easter eggs in just four simple steps.

11.  Wax-Resist Egg Patterns ~ Whether you dye your eggs before you use wax on them you will get the best result if you heat the eggs in the oven to melt the wax.  This will give it a nice glistening shine.

12.  Fabric Easter Egg ~ Download the free pattern to make your own adorable fabric Easter Eggs.  This is a great way to use up some of your fabric scraps.

Funny Easter eggs

13.  Playing with Food – Easter Eggs and Rolled Fondant ~ These Mr. Potato Head, Bunny and Chick fondant eggs are fun and fab.  Buy store-bought plain eggs and customize them to make it a unique gift.

14.  Funny Farm Eggs ~ These Funny Farm eggs are adorable!  A great idea if you want to go dye-free.  Use your imagination to create these cuties, no templates needed.

Cartoon Easter Eggs

15.  Angry Birds Easter Eggs ~ Make your own Angry Birds Easter Eggs with acrylic paint, fun foam, googly eyes and felt.

Disney Easter eggs

16.  Perry the Platypus Easter Egg ~ Perry the Platypus goes incognito this season and in his best disguise.  Download the free template to make your own Perry.

17.  Red Queen Easter Egg ~ The Red Queen is not hard to miss with her egg-straordinarily large head.  Download and print the free template.

18.  Cheshire Cat Easter Egg ~ That sneaky Cheshire Cat is sure to turn up somewhere.  He’s a purple dyed egg embellished with the mischievous character’s toothy grin.  Download the free template.

19.  Grandpa Gregg Egg~ Grandpa Gregg Egg has a paper tube body and glued-on features.  These egghead family members will crack your kids up.

20.  Daddy Deggster Egg ~ Daddy Deggster has a paper tube body and glued-on features.

21.  Mom Peggy Egg ~ Dress up Mom Peggy Egg in her Sunday best.

22.  Baby Megg Egg ~ Don’t forget Little Baby Megg.  She makes a great addition to the family.

23.  Disney Princess Easter Eggs ~ Sadly, there is not a tutorial for these Disney Princess Eggs.  But, I wanted you to see how adorable these eggs are.  You could probably use water colors and markers to re-create them.

Easter Egg Decor

24.  Easter Vignette {DIY Decorating} ~ This gorgeous Pottery Barn inspired Easter Vignette was replicated using inexpensive craft supplies and thrift store finds.  You probably even have most of the items on hand.

25.  Button Egg {DIY Easter Decorating} ~ Stitch your way into the Easter season with this button Easter Egg.  Hand stitched buttons on brown burlap give a beautiful handmade feel to your Easter decorations.

26.  How to Make a Yarn Egg Wreath ~ This beautiful and creative yarn ball egg wreath would look gorgeous on your front door, on a fireplace, or a mirror.  Simply wrap plastic eggs with yarn.

27.  DIY Flower Easter Eggs Tutorial {Easter Crafts} ~ Isn’t this flower Easter Egg beautiful?!  It was inspired by a Pomander flower ball.  A simple and beautiful Easter decoration.  Transform a styrofoam egg by using paper flowers and push pins.

More Easter Day Ideas:

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