November Photo Journal Prompts ~ Join Us!


Let Tip Junkie help you capture moments that matter on your camera phone with photo journal prompts and photo editing app tips!  This year there are TWO ways to play:

1.  Simplify ~ Moments that Matter
2.  Productive ~ Your Personal Assistant

Our lives are crazy busy and we are each deciding on our goals.  Some of us want to simplify and create memories that matter, while others want to get life back in order and be productive.  Both are important to a Tip Junkie, like myself. {wink}

So, pick the photo challenge that works best for you this year!  If you like, share your photo with us over on Facebook and Instagram or just keep that loving image for yourself to enjoy over and over again throughout the years. {high fives!}  See everyone’s camera phone moments here


Save this image onto your phone to remember the challenges!

1.  Moments that Matter!

Here is a simple word each day to capture with your camera phone to photo journal the ‘every day’ with new and special memories.

These are emotional and bonding memories to look out for daily and when it happens, simply grab your camera phone and snap a quick photo.  {see above photo for word list}

November Photo Journal Prompts

November 1st ~ Heart
November 2nd ~ In the Kitchen
November 3rd ~ Together
November 4th ~ Beautiful
November 5th ~ Decorate
November 6th ~ Pumpkin
November 7th ~ Love
November 8th ~ Silly
November 9th ~ Spin
November 10th ~ Silence
November 11th ~ Orange
November 12th ~ Favorite
November 13th ~ Writing
November 14th ~ Wrapped Up
November 15th ~ Tasty
November 16th ~ Favorite Tech
November 17th ~ Cuddle
November 18th ~ Crackly
November 19th ~ Shoes
November 20th ~ Leaves
November 21st ~ Cheerful
November 22nd ~ Jazz Hands
November 23rd ~ Brown
November 24th ~ Warm
November 25th ~ Baking
November 26th ~ Cooking
November 27th ~ Full
November 28th ~ Shopping
November 29th ~ Organizing
November 30th ~ Happy


2.  Your Personal Assistant

Tip Junkie is coming full circle to make ‘Your Personal Assistant‘ reminders more interactive.  This has been a goal of mine for a few years and with technology I can now make it happen for you. {nerdy giggle}

This list has a task to do each day to help you organize your life while also creating those important bonding moments.  To motivate yourself to be your best ‘personal assistant’  capture with your camera phone these homemaking and productive moments.   {see above photo for task list}

My hope is that it helps balance all the demands of being a woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend.  {to name a few}  Print out the 8×10 free printable file above and pop it into a cute frame or use the small square image to paste on your fridge.

However, NO GUILT or SHAME is allowed!  These are suggestions on how to balance a life, nothing more.  {high fives} If you skip a day or twenty… it’s no big deal.  We hope you’ll play with when you can.

November Personal Assistant Prompts

November 1st ~ Buy {or make} cards & birthday presents
November 2nd ~ Schedule parties or events
November 3rd ~ Plan monthly meals
November 4th ~ Plan a date with spouse.
November 5th ~ Relax in your favorite way.
November 6th ~ Line up babysitters for the month.
November 7th ~ Plan a family outing, vacation, or day trip.
November 8th ~ Shape Day. {activity, craft game}
November 9th ~ Organize craft room or sewing station.
November 10th ~ Purge a drawer.
November 11th ~ Plan a family tradition.
November 12th ~ Plan upcoming holiday.
November 13th ~ Teach kids how to load the dishwasher.
November 14th ~ Thoughtful day Write ‘3 things I love about you‘.
November 15th ~ Try something new today.
November 16th ~ Create something beautiful today.
November 17th ~ Lunch with the girls.
November18th ~ Kid Conversation: Social Media Rules.
November 19th ~ Make an affirmation list, plaque, or craft today.
November 20th ~ Buy food storage item and add $25 cash to your money stash.
November 21st ~ Life List Day: Plan one item on your life list.
November 22nd ~ Do a household up-keep item that needs doing.
November 23rd ~ Fill your cup day! Do something fun for yourself.
November 24th ~ Date night with a child.
November 25th ~ Organize a gift wrapping station.
November 26th ~ Do something romantic for your honey.
November 27th ~ Make a countdown calendar for next month or print one out.
November 28th ~ Purge Day. Clean out your master closet.  How to pack seasonal clothing.
November 29th ~ Ongoing problem day.
November 30th ~ Family Game Night.

How to Play

Once you’ve taken your photo, upload it to the Tip Junkie Facebook Page or on Instagram so we can all play along, make new friends, like, and encourage each other!

We’re all crazy-busy women trying to do the best with what we’ve got.   Tip Junkie’s love to support each other, so upload your photos so we can tell you how great you are!  {shoot yeah}

My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

If you’re wondering how to get your camera phone photos to look really fabulous, be sure to check out 6 Easy Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone. You’re going to LOVE them. Also, I’ve recently discovered these mobile apps that are my new current favorites:

Flat Tip Junkie Fan_Button-jpg

EHprint Free Printable File:
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For Added FUN ~ Flat TipJunkie!

Let’s have fun together!  Tip Junkie is on a mission to unite a HAPPY CRAFTERS around the world. {squeal in delight} If you’d like to spread the happy ~ like I do … and be apart of something fun… keep reading.

Simply print out this “flat Tip Junkie” and take a picture of yourself! Upload your picture to the Tip Junkie Creative Community on Facebook. {yep, that’s it!}  So let’s join forces in an effort to unite happy crafting women all over the world. We are united in our passion for creating and I can’t wait to see “flat Tip Junkie” pictures. {squeal in delight}

Stay tuned… more to come.  Don’t miss the monthly free calendar.  Sign up for my daily update.

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