Your Personal Assistant for April! [organize]


It’s time to get organized for April!  Tip Junkie is here help you stay on top of your game this “almost” spring as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do! But first, be sure to print off this free, adorable 2017 Calendar just for you!

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1. Let’s get clicky with my Moments that Matter Photo Challenge. Capture moments that matter from your camera phone. Since winter is a time to embrace the holidays, I have picked a word each day that we can all capture with our camera phones to help us photo journal these joyous moments. Share them or keep them for yourself, but enjoy the moment!

For more details, click here! Pick either one of the photo journal prompts and click away!

A. Simplify ~ Moments that Matter

B. Productive ~ Your Personal Assistant

april moments that matter

april personal assistant

Your Personal Assistant

Tip Junkie is coming full circle to make ‘Your Personal Assistant‘ reminders more interactive.  This has been a goal of mine for a few years and with technology I can now make it happen for you. {nerdy giggle}

This list has a task to do each day to help you organize your life while also creating those important bonding moments.  To motivate yourself to be your best ‘personal assistant’  capture with your camera phone these homemaking and productive moments.   {see above photo for task list}

My hope is that it helps balance all the demands of being a woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend.  {to name a few}

How to Play

Once you’’ve taken your photo, upload it to the Tip Junkie Facebook Page or on Instagram so we can all play along, make new friends, like, and encourage each other!  Make sure you use the hashtag #TipJunkie!

We’re all crazy-busy women trying to do the best with what we’ve got.  Tip Junkie’s love to support each other, so upload your photos so we can tell you how great you are!  {shoot yeah}

For Added FUN!

free flat tip junkie fan

EHprint Download Free File:  Flat Tip Junkie Fan

Let’s have fun together!

Tip Junkie is on a mission to unite a MILLION HAPPY CRAFTERS around the world. {squeal in delight} If you’d like to spread the happy ~ like I do … and be apart of something fun… keep reading.

Simply print out this “flat Tip Junkie” and take a picture of yourself! Upload your picture to the Tip Junkie Creative Community on Facebook. {yep, that’s it!}

I will all collect all your happy crafter pictures and put them into a quick video. This will be our Tip Junkie welcome video to other creative women to join us in creating moments that matter.

So let’s join forces in an effort to unite happy crafting women all over the world. We are united in our passion for creating and I can’t wait to see “flat Tip Junkie” pictures. {squeal in delight}

2. Plan a Girls Only Weekend with your besties to gear up for the holidays. {{Be sure to invite me!}}

3. Clear schedule for book club, girls night out, BUNCO, and other rotating activities. Make sure you have child care, your food assignment, etc. Here’’s how to start a dinner club.

4. If you are doing a food storage, time to check the schedule and buy next on the list. Don’’t forget to put some cash in there as well.

5. Change AC house filter.

6. Write one grandparent a letter, artwork, or card.

7. Plan Mommy/Son or Daddy/Daughter dates.

8. Plan a date night with your man, arrange the babysitter in advance.

9. Get ready to celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo with these free printable lists with ideas to do to celebrate!

EHprint    Print Free File:
        Ways To Celebrate Easter (1703 downloads)

EHprint Print Free File:
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo List (5992 downloads)

EHprint     Print Free File:
         Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day (3608 downloads)

Easter Ideas


Easter Ideas

10. This year Easter is Sunday, April 16th, 2017. Check out the  Tip Junkie Easter site, where you’ll find all kinds of Easter tutorials and crafts! You shouldn’’t have any problem finding inspiration for the holiday!  {wink} Which reminds me,  it’s time to get Easter outfits for the family and schedule family pictures (if you haven’t already done so).  If you are on a tight budget or it’s too late to book your favorite photographer, why not trade photography sessions with a friend?  Arrange a time when you can take pictures of her family at a local park and vice versa.  Problem solved!  {{I’m all about problem solving, ladies!}} If you’’re already in the Easter crafting mood, here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

button easter

Easter Food

Easter Home Decor

Easter Traditions

Easter Gift Ideas

11. I can’’t believe it’s already time to plan for Spring Break. Where does the time go? You can check out any of the “For the Kids” posts for fun and creative ideas to keep your kids busy with Spring Break Staycation Ideas. More Boredom Buster Ideas:

If the weather is warm in your neck of the woods:

12. A heads up, teacher appreciation is this month. If you’’re going to make a gift, check the Teacher Appreciation and handmade gift idea categories for tons of ideas. {{I’’ve done all the searching for you!}}

13. Don’’t forget about April Fool’’s Day pranks and traditions! Here are 17 Practical Joke Ideas for April Fools Day,  10 Fun Ways to Celebrate April Fools Day, and 12 Funny Pranks for April Fool’s Day!

Personal Assistant

14.  The winter season can wreak havoc on your skin, luckily it’s almost over!   Here are 80 Bath Salt and Sugar Scrub Recipes for Great Skin14 Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes , 16 Homemade Scrubs ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and Body Scrubs, 20 Sugar Scrub Recipes to Make, 11 Easy to Make Homemade Facial Scrubs and Masks, and 22 Homemade Body Scrub, Masks, and Lotion Recipes to help!


15.  Check birthdays for the month, buy cards & presents, get them ready to mail or deliver. If you have a child’s birthday this month, plan it and get out the invites.

Fun Traditions to Create Memories for your kids:

16.  If you want to get a space in your house organized, these ideas might help!  25 Ways to Organize with a Clipboard, 16 Smart Homework Station Ideas, 10 Beautiful Home Offices and How to Organize It, 19 Handy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen10 Closet Spaces and How to Organize Them!, 16 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room and 10 Stylish Family Schedule and Command Center Ideas.

17. Let’’s start the month off right and make a list of the things that are causing you added stress. Make a list of the big ones as well as the little ones. Is something in the house that’s broken, is there an insurance issue you need to take care of, do you need an extra trash can upstairs to help keep things tidy?

18. If you’’re wanting to be more organized then print off the Executive Homemaker binder where you can keep track of everything in one place as well as printable worksheets to help keep you organized and on task.

19. Once you’’ve thought it out and made your list, next plan a day this week as your“ ongoing problem day” and finally resolve those issues that need to be resolved. You’ll be glad that you did!



20.  Tip Junkie Food has hundreds of dinner recipes all with pictured instructions to learn or how to make.

Upcoming Events:

21.  PROM!  Here creative ways to ask him or her to the dance!

22.  Earth Day is April 22nd!  Celebrate with these ideas.

23.  May Day is May 1st!  Here are 26 May Day Flower and Craft Ideas to Celebrate the Day!

24.  Cinco de Mayo is May 5th.  If you are looking for party ideas, these festive ideas are fantastic!

25.  The Kentucky Derby is on the horizon, too.  Party ideas?  I’ve got you covered.

26.  Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th.  If you’’re making gifts this year, here are some great ideas:

27. Great resources: How to Move: Moving Out Checklists! Plan a Family Reunion! 15 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas {free worksheets}


If you want to remind yourself to head on over to Tip Junkie at the beginning of every month for this segment, here’s a button you can put on your blog. (code on the sidebar)

Are you doing anything fun for Easter?

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Your Personal Assistant for April! {organize}


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