February Organization and Home Repair Checklist [printable]


How is it already February? Now that we are officially in the second month of the new year, it’s time to stay ahead of the game! {wink} Don’t let things slip! That’s what I keep telling myself! {bawahhh} With this organization and home repair checklist that’s perfect for staying on top of your game this month, you can tackle home repair and maintenance tasks with a minimum of stress {knuckle bumps}. The last thing we need to do is feel like we are getting behind already. Print the free download by clicking the link under the image below.

February is my favorite month to de-stress and feel the love!!! {knuckle bumps} Cleaning is never on the top of my list, but I really don’t mind it as much if I feel like I’ve organized and tackled a project. So, let’s tackle February with the thought in mind that the work we do will save us time and energy in the long run!  The Feburary home repair checklist is easy to do because I made sure that I didn’t add too much to the list. I don’t want to get overwhelmed, and I don’t want you to either!  Don’t stress, is my new motto for the year. {ha!}

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February Organization and Home Repair Checklist

Tip Junkie is here to help you get and stay in your best shape as {hopefully} the cold weather heads out! This home repair and maintenance checklist is a great resource and free checklist. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule so you can clean and organize every room inside your home, as well as the outside of your home. It’s worth it. Promise.

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EHprint Free Printable File:
February Maintenance and Home Repair Checklist (1264 downloads)

February Organization

Now that everyone is most likely sick of the cold weather and doing a lot of work outside isn’t really an option, it’s a good time to tackle a few tasks inside the home. I’ve definitely found that when there is snow on the ground or it’s raining outside, I have a greater desire to clean inside. Just get going before you decide it’s too warm and cozy too. {evil laugh}

adjust thermostat for february home maintenance

1.  Inside the House ~ Cleaning

Now that the “major” holidays are behind us, let’s try to relax and focus on organizing! Here we go…. Now remember there is no shame or guilt on Tip Junkie.  These are simply things you can do to get ahead of the game.  Do what you can. Some of these will be repeated once again throughout the year, so if you don’t get to it in February don’t even stress! {knuckle bumps}  Here are a few tasks that will make a big difference if you get them done throughout the year:

Annual Maintenance:

downspout for february home maintenance

2.  Outside the House ~ Home Maintenance

Since many areas of the country have snow, I’ve kept things super simple since outside maintenance can be difficult.

  • Check downspouts
  • Double check everything is winterized {from January} and doing well.

February Organization and Home Repair Checklist_Tall

EHprint Free Printable File:
February Maintenance and Home Repair Checklist (1264 downloads)

3.  Improve the House ~ Homemaking

These ideas will make a huge difference in your home and don’t take a ton of effort! {score} Since it’s cold outside in most places, chances are you won’t break a sweat, either. {evil laugh}

Plan Easter Sunday April 1st:

4. Sale Items:

This month is a great time to buy items that go on sale in February for discounted prices.

Home Goods ~ President’s Day sales are a great time to pick up Home Goods at great discounts.

Broadway Tickets ~ It’s off-season for Broadway so you can usually get some great deals on shows.

Winter Apparel ~ Now is the time to stock up on winter apparel! Retailers are already looking towards the spring line so they start slashing prices on the winter gear!

Tax Software ~ Although thinking about taxes is the last things I’m sure we all want to focus on, now is the time to grab the software at discounted prices that’ll help you out! Most of the software packages include submission fees!

Outdoor Furniture ~ Retailers are looking towards Spring so large outdoor items can usually be found at a discount!

TIP: Hold off on buying iPads, iPhones, Androids, luggage, and skiing equipment this month! You’ll find better deals later in the year.

clean closet february home maintenance

5. Free Printable Downloads:

If you’re a list maker or like a visual reminder of what needs to be done these free printable downloads will help you stay on top of your game.

Checklists by Month:

What do YOU do in February? 

I know I’m missing a few things.   So feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them for ya on the free download. {high fives}.  I just love being able to get your ideas and be helpful in return!  My goal is for this checklist to be helpful and a great resource for all you fabulous Tip Junkies!

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