November Organization and Home Repair Checklist [printable]


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It’s officially fall, so there’s no better time to get things cleaned and organized around the house to prepare for winter {{eek}}! Keeping your home in good working order can seem like an unending task, but with this organization and home repair checklist you can tackle it with a minimum of stress {knuckle bumps}.  Print the free download by clicking the link under the image below.

November is my favorite month for eating, eating things others having baked, and looking at recipes for baking. Plus, planning for baking. {snicker} This makes the thought of cleaning groan-worthy. Alas, we all know, cleaning has to happen. Novembers home repair checklist is easy to tackle because I didn’t add too much to the list. Don’t stress, but  try to get as much done as you can because the holidays are right around the corner {literally} and then it’s crunch time!

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November Organization and Home Repair Checklist

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November Maintenance and Home Repair Checklist (785 downloads)

Tip Junkie is here to help you stay on top of your game as fall is in full swing with great resources and a free home checklist. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule so you can clean and organize every room inside your home, as well as the outside of your home.

November Organization

Now that the weather has cooled off {at least, hopefully it has! It still hasn’t around here!}, you might find more desire to get things done. I’ve found that having cooler weather makes cleaning and organizing so much easier, so hopefully it’s cooler where you live!

November organization

1.  Inside the House ~ Cleaning

There are quite a few things inside your home that need to be deep cleaned that we sometimes forget about. I’ve listed some of the most often missed items to clean.

Here is a great list of amazing carpet cleaning tips and tricks that might help save money and your sanity and definitely make your carpet look a lot better!

cleaning outside the house

2.  Outside the House ~ Home Maintenance

Don’t forget about the outside of the house. Now that the leaves are turning, {and falling} it’s time to do fall cleanup and get ready for winter!

  • Inspect garage door, lubricate, tighten bolts

November Organization and Home Repair Checklist_Square

3.  Improve the House ~ Home Repair

Now that the weather has cooled off {except in Texas! ha!} it’s a great time to do some home repairs without sweating buckets! These ideas will make a huge difference in your home and don’t take a ton of effort! {score}

Planning Ahead:

  • Confirm Christmas Accommodations 

4. Sale Items:

This month is a great time to buy items that go on sale in November for discounted prices including Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday Deals, and Cyber Monday Deals.

  • Apple Products ~ Apple devices can be bought at great discounts on Black Friday, but here’s the disclaimer: you need to buy a generation behind the latest greatest newly released model!.
  • Android Tablets ~ Black Friday is the time to buy your Android tablet for the best deal of the year so if you’ve had your eye on one, pick it up the day after Thanksgiving!
  • TV’s ~ November is the time to get your budget or high fallutin’ TV at a great deal.
  • Clothing ~ Expect to get clothing for an average of 50% off. Wow, right?

HINT: Wait on toys, exercise equipment, winter gear, the latest-greatest computers, and gift cards!

outside november maintenance

5. Free Printable Downloads:

If you’re a list maker or like a visual reminder of what needs to be done these free printable downloads will help you stay on top of your game.


Christmas & Gift Giving:

6. To Call:

Unfortunately, not everything in the home can be maintained by yourself so we have to call in the professionals. Here are some things that you’ll need to have inspected this month.

  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pest Control

What am I missing?
What do YOU do in November? 

Leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them for ya on the free download. {high fives}. I just love being able to get your ideas and be helpful in return!  My goal is for this checklist to be helpful and a great resource for all you fabulous Tip Junkies!

November Organization and Home Repair Checklist

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